Europe Calling: Building the future with young Europeans

How to make the European Parliament more accessible for youth? The Europe Calling competition presented this challenging question to young people across Europe: the three winning projects have been chosen!

Participants at the EYE2016 holding signs
On 12 December, the European Parliament (EP) and the European Youth Press (EYP), one of the EYE2018's partners, launched the Europe Calling competition, which asked young people to suggest ways the Parliament could better interact with youth from across Europe..

The question put forward was:

"How can the European Parliament connect better with young people and engage them more in the European democratic debate?"

The authors of the three best proposals will be at the EYE2018 in June, having won their place there. Priscille Biehlmann proposed an EU podcast, by the European Parliament, reporting on what is discussed at Parliament level. She will be joining the EYE2018 from France.

How to tackle low voting? Dénes Andras Nagy, from Hungary, won his place at the EYE2018 suggesting the launch of e-petitions at European level, some of which would be discussed by MEPs. He got his idea from similar policies in British, German, and other political projects.

The third winner was Romanian Loredana Mihaela Cristea, who put forward her idea of door-to-door campaigning for participation in European elections. Mobilising voters at the elections is easiest, she thought, through such a scheme.

Want to read more? Check out their full ideas at the link below for more information.