The European elections: how to involve young people?

The EYE2018 took place less than one year before the upcoming European elections in May 2019. In this context, participants at the EYE had the chance to take part in a video competition about the elections. Keep on reading to find out who won and how to get involved in the campaign.

Young people holding a sign
The EYE2018 gave young people the valuable opportunity to debate the hot topics in Europe and to influence the political agenda of the European politicians. But that is not the only reason the event was important: the EYE2018 also marked the launch of the website, the Parliament's campaign to increase youth participation in the European elections next year.

Young people have a central role to play in building the Europe of tomorrow, but too often, the youth turnout is the lowest of any age group. So this website is not only about voting but it also offers a tool to everyone who wants to help to persuade others throughout Europe to participate in the elections. Take action and sign up now using the link below!

Amongst many exciting activities during the event, participants were also invited to take part in a video competition. The idea: to interview other participants and to ask the big question: why should young people vote? Since the closure of the competition, an EP internal jury has selected three winners: Florine Hénault, Mari Trini Giner, Ervin K. Kurti.

Check out their winning videos from the links on the right side of the page.
Florine Hénault
Ervin K Kurti
Mari Trini Giner