Giving youth a voice: The EYE Reporters

The EYE2018 is all about gathering youth ideas together, but how are they gathered and what happens to them afterwards? Read on to find out more.

The European Youth Event is an opportunity for young active citizens to leave their mark on European politics, and to have their say on policies which will affect everyone. The most innovative ideas presented during the EYE2018 will be collected in the EYE Report and presented to Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), in digital format in July, and as a hard copy in September.

But who will put it together? 10 young reporters were chosen by the European Parliament and European Youth Press, to select and record the most interesting ideas by young people at the EYE2018. As young people themselves, they have a strong interest in connecting with the youth at the EYE, in collecting their ideas into a physical report. They were in Brussels a few days ago to discuss what they will be doing, and they are looking forward to meeting all of the participants attending.

Just a few things about the EYE reporters, who are coming from across the EU. They will be led by two Chief-Editors, Greg Bianchi (27, UK) and Julie Mahlerová (26, Czech Republic), who will be directing the team to cover the whole event. Robert (21, UK/Ireland), Anna (28, Italy), Antonis (25, Cyprus), Irene (26, Italy) and Eleanor (25, Ireland) are the specialist reporters, and will each focus on one of the five themes of the event. The generalist reporters will be Henrike (20, Germany), Claas (21, Spain/Germany) and Stephanie (25, Croatia).

The EYE reporters have a message for the participants: "We are here to listen to you! Approach us, we are happy to talk to you! It's your ideas we want!" They will all be wearing special green T-Shirts at the EYE2018, so they will be very easy to find.

Collecting youth opinions, however, does not start with the EYE2018, in fact, it started many months before! The European Youth Ideas portal was set up to provide young people from across the EU and beyond, with the opportunity to voice their opinions on current and pressing issues. Since the launch, over 350 ideas have been contributed to the platform, creating a number of very interesting debates, and more contribute every day. 

These will be also added to the EYE Report. Go check what's being discussed and share your ideas from the link below.