Introducing the EYE2018 mobile app: Presenting a youth event, the youth way

The EYE2018 is rich with activities, performances, speakers and much more. The aim of the EYE2018 App is to make it easier for everyone to grasp the whole event and to help enjoy their participation.

Holding a phone
The "EYE2018" mobile app is available for download. This tool is not just for participants, but for anyone who is interested in what is happening at the event and wants to get involved!

The site of the event is vast, but with the EYE2018 app, anyone will be able to navigate it easily and find exactly where the activities are happening. In addition, users will be able to browse the entire programme, including all speakers' and moderator's biographies.

There is the "ideas wall" so participants can share their thoughts and proposal during the event. What's more? Some activities will have quizzes or voting opportunities built in; these will all be accessible via the app too!

There are many more functionalities, discover them all by downloading it on the App Store or on Google Play. The mobile app is also accessible from any web browser from the link below.
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