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The EYE is back!

Remember EYE2014, those three inspiring days with more than 6,000 young participants from all over Europe gathered together to come up with ideas for a better Europe? Well, you haven't seen anything yet!

EYE Hearings: Empowering young people

Who says young people don't want to get involved? Last year 6,000 young Europeans gathered in Strasbourg for the European Youth Event (EYE) 2014 in order to come up with fresh ideas for a better Europe. Some of the best ideas have now been presented to MEPs by some of the participants.

EYE legacy: Ideas for a better Europe

What happens when you throw more than 5,000 young people from all over Europe together? They come up with innovative ideas for improving Europe!

EYE2014: Fresh perspectives for a better Europe

In an effort to collect and highlight the idea from the EYE, the European Youth Press, the European Youth Forum and over one hundred journalists covering the event have put together a final summarizing report. This report has now been made available to new MEPs as a source of inspiration to the hopes and concerns of Europe┬┤s youth.
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