Video competition at the EYE2018

Are you taking part in the EYE2018? And do you enjoy making short videos? Then we have just the thing for you!

People filming in the hemycicle
Once the event has begun, start putting together some video content, which you can submit after the weekend in Strasbourg! The final product should be a video about the 2019 European elections where young people speak about at least one of these topics:
  • the reasons why they will vote in the next European elections
  • why it's important for young people to vote
  • if it's the first time they will vote - what are their expectations
  • what topics (environment, security, democracy etc.) will they be voting on
Most of it should be based on short interventions from participants, but feel free to include a couple of ambience shots of the EYE2018, on top of that.

The interviews can be done in any language, but you should also include English subtitles, other than that, let your creativity take off.

Very important: Everybody who you are interviewing will have to sign the attached "authorisation form", which you will need to send to us along with your film.

And also remember, your video has to be in MP4 format, and should be limited to 60 seconds long. Soundtracks are also cool, go for it, just make sure you have the music's copyright. There's just one thing which has to be included in every video, a short packshot which will be published on the 1st June. After that, you will be able to find through a link on this article.

You will have until June 10 at 23:59 CET to send in your video, so get thinking! (any kind of file sharing system is fine for us - the important is that we get the file and everything works).

Some of the videos will get published across the social media platforms for the EYE, and will be at the front of the official European elections 2019 campaign. So the best videos will get a lot of publicity.

An internal jury at the European Parliament will select the three winning videos. If you are one of those, as a prize you will be invited along to the European Parliament in Brussels to follow the European Youth Hearing, sometime later in the autumn of 2018! The dates of the hearings aren't confirmed yet, but three places for the top video-makers are!

So to recap:
  • Videos 1 minute long maximum (not 1 second more!)
  • MP4 format
  • Get every person who was filmed to fill in a deliberation form
  • Include subtitles in English
  • Make sure you have the copyright of any music you include
  • Include the packshot which will be made public here on 1st June (which you fill find available at the link below)
For more info drop us an email at with subject "Video Competition".