Youth shaping the programme

Just as for every edition of the EYE, the inclusion of youth-organised activities at EYE2018 was high on the priority list for the European Parliament.

Youth organizations at the EYE2016
The EYE2018 is drawing closer, over 8000 participants are currently booking their activities for the weekend in June. And some of those activities have been organised by youth groups from across the continent. Encouraging youth participation in the EU is one of the aims of the EYE2018, and having events organised by young people in the EYE programme is the first step towards that goal!

Last October, the European Parliament put out a call to contribute to the programme at the EYE2018, and many youth groups got in touch with a wide variety of impressive and creative proposals. From this, the European Parliament selected over 80 activities, proposed by youth groups, to take place in June! On top of that, our partner, the European Youth Forum, will also be hosting more than 70 engaging workshops: more youth-organised activities!

So what do they have in store for the EYE2018? The youth groups have organised many debates, discussions and workshops for you to participate in, on a range of relevant topics.

Fancy more of a creative performance? You're in luck! Dancers, actors and circus performers will all grace the European Parliament in Strasbourg, for a variety of artistic activities.

In short: lots of opportunities put together by youth minds, for youth minds, on the hottest issues in today's Europe!

For a more detailed list of the youth groups organising activities, follow the link below.

With this variety of contributions by young people on offer, plus all the rest organised by the Parliament and its official partners, the EYE2018 promises to be an unforgettable experience for all involved!