Practical details

Getting to Strasbourg

Strasbourg, the capital of Alsace region, is located at the heart of Europe and is easy to reach by car, bus, train or plane. We certainly recommend you choose the most eco-friendly options for your travels. As transport sharing saves both the environment and money, we would like to highlight that the EYE team has set up a dedicated car- and bus-sharing platform. (See below)

By train

Trains are a fast and sustainable way to arrive in Strasbourg. There are daily direct trains linking some of the biggest cities in France and Europe to Strasbourg. The main train station in Strasbourg is "Gare Centrale", but you may as well consider stop at the train station in Kehl, as this border town is well connected to Strasbourg by tramway or bus. You can get more information about train travel options from the main travel operators' or Trainline websites. (Links below).

A direct shuttle train connects Strasbourg airport located in the neighbouring town of Entzheim to Gare Centrale and is only a 9 minute ride. The average cost for a one-way trip is 2,80€. Train connections are also available from the other neighbouring cities' airports such as from EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse (approximately 1hr15 minutes) and from Paris Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport (approximately 2 hours).

By bus

There are bus connections to Strasbourg from many Europeancities. Many international bus companies offer trips to Strasbourg at veryaffordable prices. You can check the bus connections between your city andStrasbourg via the Busradar website (link below). 

Bus and car-sharing

Should you opt to come by car or bus from your city, we recommend you to organise carpooling via a dedicated platform set-up for the event. Upon request, free parking space for buses will be made available throughout the event. Share your ride or look for an available seat on the link available below. You can also find a user manual to help you with the booking process.

By plane

Strasbourg-Entzheim Airport, located just 18km away from Strasbourg, is linked by daily direct flights to many European cities and neighbouring countries. A shuttle train connects the airport to the city centre. More details about this service are available in the link below.

Airport assistance for persons with reduced mobility

Strasbourg airport offers assistance to passengers with special needs or disability. You can find more information at the link below.

Upon request, an EYE transport facility will be available for persons with disability. This option will be available for arrivals and departures from Strasbourg as well as for local transport during the EYE days. The trip between the airport and Strasbourg city takes approximately 20 minutes.

Shuttle buses from neighbouring airports

Select transport and airline companies such as Alsace Navette or Strasbourg Navette provide shuttle transport services from neighbouring airports at reasonable prices. You may find more information about these services at the links below.

By car

EYE participants arriving at airports around Strasbourg might want to share rented cars to travel to get to the city. Average travel times by car from these neighbouring airports are as follows:

• from Karlsruhe Baden Airpark 50 minutes

• from EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse 1hr 30 minutes

• from Frankfurt Airport 2hr

• from Frankfurt Hahn Airport 2hr 40 minutes

• from Stuttgart Airport 1hr 45minutes

Please be aware that many accommodations have no parking facilities and that the access by car to the European Parliament in May 2020 will be restricted.



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