Programme Guide

The European Youth Event programme is full to bursting! You can choose from more than 150 panels and workshops organised inside the European Parliament and in the YO!Village that will require booking at this year's EYE. Read carefully the instructions below before booking activities.

EYE participants taking notes
Take time to look carefully through the programme, and note down the activities you would like to attend.

Pay attention to the fact that there are two different types of activity: some require booking and some can be joined on the spot with no booking necessary.
Categories of bookable activities
Not all bookable activities are the same! Every activity has a code that you will find above every activity title in the programme.

The first two letters indicate under which of the five main themes the activity runs:
  • WP for War and Peace
  • AP for Apathy or Participation
  • YU for Youth Unemployment
  • TW for Tomorrow World of Work
  • SU for Sustainability
The third letter indicates the booking category of the activity:
  • P for activities in the Plenary chamber (Hemicycle)
  • A for the Activities organised by the European Parliament, partners and youth groups.
  • C for Culture, arts and more
How many activities can I book?
You will be able to book up to four activities in total, divided like this:
  • one P activity (in order to give every EYE participant the chance to take part in an activity in the plenary chamber)
  • two A activities (or three depending if you didn't book a P activity)
  • one C activity (subject to availability)
How to book activities?
Activity booking will open on Monday 14th March to Thursday, 7th April (at 11:59pm CET). Remember that booking is on a "first come, first served" basis! Book your activities as soon as registration opens to secure your place.
  • Check out the EYE App where you can easily short-list the activities you would like to attend and display them in a calendar.
  • If you want to make your life easier, note down the code of your preferred activities. Searching for a concrete activity code will be the fastest way to find your activity in the registration system! 
Panels and workshops will take place both inside the European Parliament and in the YO!Village. Keep in mind that accreditation and security checks to enter the Parliament premises will take some time.
So here are two important pieces of advice:

  • Pay attention to the venue of each chosen activity and try to avoid switching too often between indoor and outdoor activities as this would mean having to pass through security checks each time.
  • Leave at least 30-60 minutes between two activities (the end of one and the beginning of the next activity) to make sure you can make it on time!

Book your activities!

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Opening Ceremony

EYE Opening ceremony outside the European Parliament
For a better estimation of how many participants to expect for the opening ceremony on Friday morning and the open-air concert on Saturday evening, please also register in the system if you want to take part. This registration however will not be counted in the "maximum four activities". Also, registration is not mandatory if you want to join these two events. You can also join them without having registered in advance.

YO!Fest at the EYE

YO!Fest at the EYE
There will be plenty of activities to join on the spot in the YO!Fest at the EYE where no booking is required. Check out the daily programme in the different "thematic hubs" of the YO!Village (more details will be available during the event). There will always be something going on!


Kids playing and drawing stuff
Group leaders with participants below 18 years old will register activities for them. Minors should follow activities accompanied by the group leader.