Registration guide

Steps how to sign up to the EYE2018, using domino image.
First step
Participants for EYE2018 will need to nominate a group leader, who should provide basic information about the group and his/her own personal details.
After the application has been submitted, it will be assessed and a decision should be made within two weeks. The group leader will be notified about the result by email.

Second step
If the application gets the green light, the group leader will then ask the remaining group members to register.

Third step
All remaining group members are required to log their personal details on the registration website. It will be up to the group leader to ensure that all participants are correctly registered by 15 January 2018 and that the group has the minimum number of ten participants.

Fourth step
All participants will be invited to book the activities they want to attend on the registration website once they become open for booking in spring 2018.