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Euroscola in the Past

Since the launch of the project in 1989, hundreds of thousands of students have spent one day in the premises of the European Parliament, debating, discussing, exchanging views with mates from all over Europe... Find here information and photos from former Euroscola years.

A new school year has just began... Soon the Euroscola days will allow thousands of young europeans to put themselves in the shoes of Members of European Parliament for a day !
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It's time for the hemicycle of the European Parliament in Strasbourg to get ready and welcome thousands of new students for a Euroscola day, thus enabling 16-18-year-old girls and boys from all over Europe to experiment what it means, concretely, to work like a Member of the European Parliament!
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Another season has started for the thousands of Euroscola students and teachers from Europe's high-schools, coming to spend a #euroscola day in the shoes of an MEP in the hemicycle of the European Parliament in Strasbourg! A busy programme ahead with 20 exciting episodes a year, featuring real MEPs!
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Following the election of new MEPs, a new school year has just began ...  time for thousands of young European citizens to experiment what it's like being a Member of the European Parliament for a day in the framework of Euroscola!
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