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Buzek on Belarusian presidential candidate being beaten up

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Upon receiving reports that opposition candidate for President of Belarus Vladimir Neklyaev had been beaten up, while on his way to participate in a protest rally in Minsk, Jerzy Buzek, President of the European Parliament said:

"This cowardly attack on a defenceless candidate for President of Belarus is outrageous and disgraceful. I am shocked as I have learned from the testimonies of witnesses as reported by the media, that Mr Vladimir Neklyaev was beaten up by the police force.

This type of behaviour is unacceptable for the international community.

I demand from President Lukashenko that he immediately halts all police forces from executing such actions, and to punish all those involved.

This incident sheds the worst possible light on the presidential elections held today in Belarus. The citizens of Belarus deserve a democratic country. I express my profound respect for all those who struggle in a peaceful manner for this to come true, like Mr Neklyaev. I wish him a speedy recovery to full health."

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