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On the Tymoshenko's case

Brussels -
Sunday 27/11/2011

Commenting on Yulia Tymoshenko's continuing detention, the President of the European Parliament Jerzy Buzek stated:

"Today is Yulia Tymoshenko's birthday. There is unfortunately nothing to celebrate. Particularly when we receive information on the deterioration of her state of health and the lack of appropriate medical treatment.

Ukrainian authorities should allow Mrs Tymoshenko to receive all the necessary medical treatment. I also propose that Ukrainian authorities let independent, international doctors - with Mrs Tymoshenko's permission - to proceed with a health check and to suggest appropriate treatment. The right to medical treatment is a basic right of prisoners and the lack of this treatement in Mrs Tymoshenko case is very harmful for the credibility of Ukrainian authorities.

The timing, intensity and number of politically motivated trials she is facing shed light on the lack of independence of the Ukrainian judiciary and on the partisanship of Ukraine's elite.

Ukraine can not be welcome in the European family if Ukrainian authorities do not respect European standards and values. This is the choice to be made by President Yanoukovych: further away Ukraine is from European standards, further Ukraine is from real partnership with the European Union."


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