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O serviço de imprensa do PE fornece comunicados diários sobre temas, acontecimentos e debates no Parlamento. A selecção seguinte aborda apenas as audições dos Comissários indigitados. É muito completa e é a fonte principal de todos os jornalistas europeus.

Audições - Serviço de Imprensa

Sessão plenária PE aprova nova Comissão Barroso II
Comunicado de imprensa - Instituições - 09-02-2010 - 16:45

O Parlamento Europeu elegeu hoje a nova Comissão Europeia por 488 votos a favor, 137 contra e 72 abstenções, ou seja, por 70% dos votos expressos, contra 66% em 2004. O mandato da Comissão Barroso II decorre até 31 de Outubro de 2014.

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Committees Conference of Presidents gives go-ahead for vote on Commission
Press release - Institutions - 04-02-2010 - 18:38

The Conference of Presidents, comprising the EP President and the political group leaders, considered on Thursday the results of the complete set of hearings of the Commissioners-designate. The EP leaders confirmed that the vote on the new Commission will take place on Tuesday 9 February at 1.30pm in Strasbourg.

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Committees Hearing of Kristalina Georgieva - Co-operation, Aid and Crisis Response
Press release - Institutions - 03-02-2010 - 15:40

The EU's crisis response to the tragedy in Haiti, establishing an EU civil protection mechanism and co-ordinating various portfolios within the Commission were among the issues raised by MEPs at the hearing of the Bulgarian Commissioner-designate for International Co-operation, Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Response, Kristalina Georgieva.

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General Conf. of Presidents receives positive assessment of 25 Commissioners-designate
Press release - Institutions - 21-01-2010 - 14:15

At its meeting on Thursday, the Conference of Presidents discussed the Commission hearings process so far. EP President Jerzy Buzek announced that he had received all 25 assessment letters from the EP committees.

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Committees Summary of the hearing of Cecilia Malmström - Home Affairs
Press release - Institutions - 19-01-2010 - 18:17

No Member State can cope on its own with the threat of organised crime and the challenge of immigration, said the Commissioner-designate for home affairs, Cecilia Malmström of Sweden, at her hearing with members of the EP Civil Liberties Committee. She stressed her determination to strike an agreement favourable to the EU on SWIFT bank data transfers and said she would propose draft legislation on migrants who are minors and a review of the Frontex agency.

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Committees Summary of the hearing of Maria Damanaki – Maritime Affairs and Fisheries
Press release - Institutions - 19-01-2010 - 14:23

EU fisheries policy reform and funding, bringing decision making closer to those directly involved, environmentally-sustainable fishing, competitiveness and fishermen's income, the role of fish farming and protecting EU fishing vessels from piracy were among the issues raised by MEPs at the hearing of the Greek Commissioner-designate for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Maria Damanaki.

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Committees Summary of hearing Maroš Šefčovič- Interinstitutional Relations & Administration
Press release - Institutions - 18-01-2010 - 21:40

Commissioner-designate Maroš Šefčovič of Slovakia faced questions ranging from the implementation of the Lisbon Treaty, including the citizens' initiative and the European External Action Service, to electoral reform for European elections, the seat of the Parliament and his concept of Europe. Comments attributed to Mr Šefčovič regarding the Roma population were also raised.

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Committees Summary of the hearing of Antonio Tajani - Industry and Entrepreneurship
Press release - Institutions - 18-01-2010 - 21:24

Members of the industry, research and energy committee questioned the Italian Commissioner-designate for Industry and Entrepreneurship, Antonio Tajani, on concrete measures for supporting European enterprises, particularly in the automotive sector, to boost economic growth and improve competitiveness. MEPs were also interested in a possible revision of the REACH legislation and cutting the red tape burdening businesses.

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Committees Summary of the hearing of Connie Hedegaard - climate change
Press release - Institutions - 15-01-2010 - 13:16

In five years from now, "I would like to see a Europe that is the most climate-friendly region in the world" said climate change Commissioner-designate Connie Hedegaard at her three-hour hearing on Friday. Members of the Environment, Industry and Transport committees quizzed Ms Hedegaard on the Copenhagen climate change conference results, her climate protection strategies and nuclear energy. If approved, Ms Hedegaard would become EU's first climate change Commissioner.

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Committees Summary of the hearing of Dacian Ciolos - Agriculture and rural development
Press release - Institutions - 15-01-2010 - 12:05

The future of the Common Agricultural Policy after 2013 and its budgetary aspects, the use of direct payments, the volatility of prices in the food markets and ongoing international negotiations were among the topics raised by MEPs during the hearing of the Romanian Commissioner-designate for agriculture and rural development, Dacian Ciolos.

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