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Conference of Presidents receives positive assessment of 25 Commissioners-designate

Hearings - Institutions - 21-01-2010 - 14:15

At its meeting on Thursday, the Conference of Presidents discussed the Commission hearings process so far. EP President Jerzy Buzek announced that he had received all 25 assessment letters from the EP committees.

There will be no plenary session on 26 January as a hearing still needs to be held with the new Bulgarian candidate before Parliament can vote on the Commission as a whole.  Parliament is planning to hold this hearing on 3 February, if this date can be agreed with the Commission.  This would enable a debate and final vote on the Commission to be held on Tuesday 9 February, during the next plenary session in Strasbourg.
President Buzek said: "Yesterday, I expressed my strong expectation that I would receive all the assessment letters very soon. I am pleased to say that they have now all arrived and all are positive, which means the procedure can now continue smoothly".

REF.: 20100121IPR67808