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(6th framework programme)

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Telecommunications - new rules for the digital era
Lower prices and more consumer choice on the telecoms market should be the result of new EU laws designed to boost competition in the industry.  The legislation will create a level playing fiel...
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Keeping Europe at the forefront of the internet boom
The explosion in internet use over the last few years has prompted the European Union to pass a wide range of legislation in the hope of increasing the benefits of this new technology while protecti...
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Helping artists enjoy the fruits of their labours
Everything is digital: text, music and films are on tap anytime, anywhere. And thanks to new technologies they can be copied without restriction and at little cost. In the information society, we can ...
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MEPs to the aid of Europe's film industry
More than a million people in the EU are directly employed in the audiovisual industries (film, television, radio and related sectors).  These industries are not just important economically, th...
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Energy package for Europe - freedom of choice
for consumers
Europeans will soon be able to decide who to buy their gas and electricity from, at the price they are prepared to pay - just like buying food at the supermarket. In many EU Member States, consumers...
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Fighting the greenhouse effect by using renewable energy
As a keen supporter of the Kyoto Protocol, the European Parliament backs the idea of research into alternatives to traditional energy sources and warmly supports renewable forms of energy such as wi...
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16.3 billion euro boost for scientific research
The Sixth Framework Research Programme is the EU’s main instrument for funding scientific research, its chief focus being the creation of a European Research Area, the equivalent of a "common market" ...
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  Publishing deadline: 2 April 2004