The Historical Archives is the official record keeper of the European Parliament. It manages and preserves the Parliament's official public documents and other archival fonds, dating back to1952. It also assists researchers on the history of the Parliament and European integration, publishes studies and articles on these subjects, and works closely with the EU Historical Archives at the European University Institute and the House of European History.



Publication "The 1995 enlargement of the European Union: The accession of Finland and Sweden"

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This year, Finland and Sweden, like Austria, celebrate the twentieth anniversary of their accession to the European Union. This historical study focuses specifically on the entry into the Union of the first two countries. Distinct economic and social policies, as well as issues of neutrality during the Cold War, had kept the two Nordic countries from developing closer relations with the European Community. However, economic and geopolitical changes allowed this situation to evolve into a deeper and mutually beneficial relationship. This is the latest study in the European Union History Series, which is primarily based on documents preserved in and made available to the public by the Historical Archives of the Parliament and the archives of other EU institutions.

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It happened in the EP

June 1986

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The 1997 logo for the European Year against Racism and Xenophobia

30 years ago the Parliament, the Council and the Commission signed a Joint Declaration against Racism and Xenophobia. The draft prepared on the initiative of the EP was considered in the plenary session in June 1986.


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