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Europe House

Europe House: home of many cultures

Europe House is based in the centre of The Hague, facing the Hofvijver and near the Binnenhof, the Dutch parliament. It is the home of the Representation of the European Commission and the European Parliament Information Office in the Netherlands. These institutions are the first contact point for Dutch citizens and press looking for information on the most recent developments in the EU Commission and Parliament, and/or the EU decision process.

Meeting place

Europe House is a meeting place for anyone who has questions about the European Union. The easily accessible Info Point provides information on the European decision process and the role of the Netherlands, on how citizens can participate in EU decision-making, on the history of the EU, and on working for the European institutions. Or you can just drop in to find out more about Europe.

Room for debate

We want to encourage the dialogue on EU issues and aim to actively involve citizens and civil society groups in the debate on Europe, to raise the awareness about the EU and European decision-making. Europe House offers an attractive venue for debates, conferences, lectures, seminars and cultural events. Associations and civil society groups can book the venue free of charge whenever they want to organise an event about Europe. Europe House is open to anyone, supporters as well as opponents.

Pupils and students

Europe House welcomes pupils and students who want to have a closer look at "Brussels". We can organise specific presentations or general introductions on EU policies and institutions, in consultation with teachers and adapted for different age groups. If you are interested please contact