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Mr René Radembino-Coniquet

President of the Senate


Born on 26 June 1932 in Libreville

Elected President of the Gabonese Senate in May 2006 after having chaired the Commission of the laws and administrative business of the Senate, since 10 March 1997.

Senator and town councillor of the Commune of Owendo and panafrican parliamentarian, national adviser to the Gabonese Democratic Party (PDG - ruling party). After primary school in Libreville between 1940 and 1949, he enters "Ecoles des cadres supérieurs" of the French Equatorial Africa (AEF) where he obtains the diploma of end of studies.

Graduate of the Institute of high overseas studies, he enters the Gabonese administration in 1953 in the capacity of principal secretary of administration of the "cadres supérieurs" of the AEF in to the governor's cabinet from 1953 to 1958, then, in 1961, as director "adjoint" of Finance and in 1962 as Prefect of Ngounié.

In 1963, he enters the cabinet of the President of the Republic Leon Mba in the capacity of secretary of the Council of Ministers and becomes then the government's Secretary-General. He enters afterwards President Omar Bongo's cabinet as Secretary-General of the Republic presidency. He enters the government in 1973 as minister and reaches the post of Minister of State.

In 1997, he is elected senator of the commune of Owendo and his mandate is renewed in 2003. "Directeur adjoint" of finance, attached to the presidency and in charge of relations with interafrican organisations , Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers, inspector of the public institutions and state companies, Mr Coniquet had occupied for two decades the post of Minister, then Minister of State to the presidency of the Republic.

Distinctions honorifiques

Grand Officier de l'Etoile Equatoriale;
Grand Officier du Mérite Gabonais;
Commendeur de la Légion d'Honneur(France);
Plusieurs distinctions d'Etats Afraicains.


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