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EP Press Kit for the Summit

Solutions needed for today as well as tomorrow
At the start of yet another meeting by the leaders of the EU countries attempting to find solutions to the current financial and economic crisis, European Parliament President Martin Schulz has called for "a long-term vision accompanied by short-term pragmatism". He also stressed that the "well-tested" EU legislative method should be used to confront the crisis.

In this press kit you will find a fuller statement by President Schulz as well as the most recent examples of how the normal legislative method, with the Commission as initiator and the Parliament as co-legislator, has proved to be the most effective in yielding results which are both concrete and have the necessary democratic legitimacy.

To name but one example, the so-called "six-pack", which provides for binding rules on budgetary discipline but simultaneously recognizes the need for stimulating jobs and growth, has long since been passed by the Parliament.

Other proposals made by the Parliament some two years or even longer ago have now finally made it onto the table.

1. Statement by European Parliament President Martin Schulz
2. EP proposals and positions since 2010
3. Laws passed by the EP
4. Recent releases on economic affairs and the multi annual financial framework
5. Statements from committee chairs
REF. : 20120628BKG47869

Statement by European Parliament President Martin Schulz
"We are living in extraordinary times, which require extraordinary decisions. The European Council needs to show determination, courage and vision to combat the crisis that poses an existential threat to the euro zone and is shaking the very foundations of the European Union.

I very much hope that this European Council will be a breakthrough marking the beginning of the end of the crisis, that it will reassure citizens that our responsible policies can restore growth and jobs and that it will restore financial markets' confidence in the euro.

For that to happen, a long-term vision must be accompanied by short-term pragmatism. The euro area needs a road-map towards a banking union, a fiscal union and the political union. But it also needs very concrete measures right now to stop the crisis from spiralling out of control. If you want to stop the fire you do not sit down to design better fire detectors, you run for a fire extinguisher.

Measures to reduce the spreads and crippling interest rates are now necessary to restore full confidence in the euro. They should be part of the package of measures that move us towards the three unions. A plan to stimulate growth and create jobs would be another vital element of this package.

The well-tested community method of decision-making, which involves all three EU institutions -- the Council, Commission and Parliament -- should be the tool shaping our response to the crisis.

The European Parliament will be a constructive partner. It is ready to scrutinise and adopt all anti-crisis measures as quickly as it is possible, while preserving the prerogatives of the EU institutions."