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MEP Jim Higgins report on E-Tolling gets full backing from European Parliament at June Strasbourg Session

Jim Higgins, MEP for Ireland North West and Ireland's Member of the European Parliament Transport Committee, has welcomed the European Parliament's decision to back his report by 516 to 111 at the European Parliament in Strasbourg today (11th June).

The report, when acted upon by the European Commission, will mean that Irish hauliers and car owners will be able to travel the continent from Ireland to Romania, from Finland to Portugal with one single device capable of opening toll barriers, and charging tolls to the users Irish Account, similar to the way it works on a national level in Ireland.

Speaking in Strasbourg, Jim Higgins said "You have a crazy situation across Europe where congestion is caused simply because the various charging or tag systems are not interoperable. Finally we have a report which will put an end to that."

Hauliers have long complained that it is difficult to keep track of accounts for a fleet of trucks when there are so many toll operators to be paid. "Under this new system, the onus would be on the road owners to ensure their system is compatible with the car or truck driver's tag. You'll never have to stop at a toll barrier in the EU again, once it is up and running" said the Fine Gael MEP.

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