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The Week Ahead 24 February - 2 March 2014

MEPs will discuss and vote a resolution on developments in Ukraine and EU action in response to the violent repression of demonstrations there at next week's plenary session in Strasbourg.  Tobacco, confiscating criminal assets and life-saving eCall devices for cars are just some of the other topics on the agenda.  Read more.

Ukraine. MEPs will discuss and vote a resolution on developments in Ukraine and EU action in response to the violent repression of demonstrations there. (Debate Wednesday and vote Thursday)

Tobacco. MEPs are set to approve an agreement with Council on legislation to make tobacco products less attractive to young people. It would increase the size of health warnings to 65% of the pack surface and ban packs of fewer than 20 cigarettes. E-cigarettes would be regulated either as medicinal products or as tobacco products. (Vote and press conference Wednesday)

Aid for the most deprived. EU funds for EU's poorest citizens will be prolonged until 2020 at €3.5 billion, thanks to Parliament. The informal deal with the Council of Ministers will be put to a final vote, with immediate effect. (Tuesday)

Confiscating criminal assets. Parliament will vote on EU-wide rules, already informally agreed with EU ministers, to make it easier for member states to trace, freeze and confiscate criminal assets. (Debate Monday, vote and press conference Tuesday)

Safer and greener cars. Life-saving eCall devices that automatically alert rescue services to car crashes would have to be fitted to all new models of cars and light vans by October 2015 under draft rules to be voted on Wednesday. CO2 emissions of new cars are to be limited to an average 95 g/km by 2020, under separate draft legislation agreed with member states. (Debates Tuesday, votes Wednesday) 

Rail reform. MEPs will discuss and vote Parliament’s first reading position on new rules to boost the efficiency of railway transport including opening up the domestic passenger traffic market to more competition. (Debate Tuesday, vote and press conference Wednesday)

Insurance sales. Clear rules for insurance brokers and salesmen will be endorsed by MEPs, following an informal agreement with member states, to put an end to unfair or misleading information, including small print and marketing communication. (Debate Tuesday, vote Wednesday)

Czech President Zeman. President of the Czech Republic Miloš Zeman will deliver a formal address on Wednesday at noon. A press conference with President Schulz will take place at 12.30. (Wednesday)

Troika inquiry findings. In parallel to the plenary session, Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee MEPs will vote the findings of their inquiry into the crisis rescue work of the ECB/EU Commission/IMF “Troika”. (Monday) 

President's diary. President Schulz will meet France’s European Affairs Minister Thierry Repentin on Tuesday.