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This week in the European Parliament 2-8 December 2013

Committees and political groups meetings, Brussels

Banking Union. The creation of an EU system and fund for winding down banks in difficulties will be up for a vote in the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee. The idea is that there will be an EU authority empowered to restructure or wind down troubled banks and an EU pot of money funded by banks themselves to ensure that taxpayers are not the first port of call when banks need backing up. This is another component of the EU banking union. (Thursday)

ECB supervisory board. Following a public hearing held on Wednesday, the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee will vote on its recommendation to Parliament as a whole on whether or not to give its consent for Daniele Nouy to become the chair of the ECB supervisory board. (Thursday)

Surveillance of external sea borders. Binding rules on Frontex search and rescue operations at sea are the key issue in a draft regulation up for a vote in the Civil Liberties Committee. (Thursday)

European Investigation Order. The police could get better and faster support from their counterparts in other EU countries when needed, for example to conduct house searches or interview witnesses, under an agreement struck by Parliament and Council and up for a  vote in the Civil Liberties Committee. (Thursday)

Inquiry on NSA surveillance. The 12th session of the on-going inquiry on the NSA surveillance of EU citizens, on Monday, will focus on the first written contributions on the implications of US surveillance for the current transatlantic agreements and on security issues. The 13th session takes place on Thursday.

Plenary preparation. Political groups will prepare for the 9-12 December plenary session in Strasbourg, which is likely to feature votes on the reform of the EU fisheries policy, backloading of greenhouse gas allowances, human rights in the world, basic bank accounts and debates on the preparation for the December European summit and tax evasion and avoidance in the EU.

President’s diary. President Schulz will be in The Hague on Monday and Tuesday, where he will meet Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte (followed by a press point). On Wednesday, in Brussels, he will open the European Book Prize 2013 Award Ceremony, and on Thursday he will chair a meeting of Parliament’s Conference of Presidents.

European Elections 2014/ReACT. In the run-up to the May 2014 European elections, a dedicated, multimedia website with a full press kit will be presented in the Parliament. (Tuesday) In Frankfurt a special event will be held, the third in a series of five “ReACT” events  on key issues such as the economy and jobs. (Thursday)