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What are MEPs working on this week?

The agenda for the European Parliament this week in Brussels (23-27 April)

Financial transaction tax, economic governance, mortgage credit and bank capital requirements. The Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee votes on (tbc):

the introduction of a financial transaction tax to deter highly speculative trading and make financiers contribute more to assist recovery,
legislation to step up budgetary surveillance of Eurozone members and enable the European Commission to look further into the economic policy plans of those in particular financial trouble,
new rules on mortgage credits, to reduce the build-up of risk and improve access to mortgage markets , and
rules to boost the capital that banks must hold in reserve to fend off crises, cap bankers' bonuses and restore lending to small firms (all on Wednesday, tbc).

Mario Draghi. The European Central Bank President will join the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee for their regular monetary dialogue (Wednesday).

Border controls. Civil Liberties Committee MEPs will vote on legislation to allow the EU to introduce internal border controls for up to six months in the event of a threat to public order or internal security (Wednesday).

ACTA. The International Trade Committee will debate its rapporteur's recommendation not to approve the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) (Wednesday). EP-President Martin Schulz will have a facebook chat on ACTA on Thursday.

Breast implants. The Environment Committee will vote on a resolution on defective silicone gel breast implants, calling for stricter authorisation criteria, more checks on medical devices on the market and an implant recipient's "passport" (Wednesday).

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