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What's happening in the European Parliament 3-9 March 2014

Today the MEPs of the Economic Affairs Committee will hear Mario Draghi, in his dual capacity as chair of both the European Central Bank and the European Systemic Risk Board, and discuss issues such as the banking union and inflation.  Read on to see what else is being discussed at Parliament's committee and political group meetings in Brussels this week.

Eastern Partnership. In the wake of the November 2013 Vilnius summit, a blueprint for future relations with Eastern Partnership countries Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova and Armenia, Azerbaijan and Belorussia, will be debated in the Foreign Affairs Committee. MEPs will vote on a non-binding resolution which will later be put to a plenary vote. (Monday)

Turkey progress report. MEPs will assess Turkey’s progress towards EU membership in 2013 and vote on a draft resolution. The European Parliament has a final say on all EU membership applications. (Monday)

International Women's Day. Ahead of International Women's Day, MEPs will hold a conference with members of national parliaments on ways to stop violence against women. (Wednesday). The EP Press service will hold a workshop for journalists on this issue and on women in politics. (Tuesday-Wednesday)

Humanitarian aid. Commissioners Georgieva and Lewandowsky will appear before the Budgets and Development committees to discuss recurrent humanitarian aid payment shortages, including those for Syrian and other refugees. (Tuesday)

Plenary preparations. Political groups will prepare for the 10-13 March plenary session in Strasbourg, which is likely to feature legislative votes on a Single European Sky, money laundering, personal data protection, and package travel, as well as votes on resolutions on the NSA surveillance programme and the work of the IMF/ECB/EC Troika.

The President's agenda. President Schulz will take part in an interactive event organised by the European Ombudsman, on “Your wish list for Europe” (Tuesday), and another with American economist Joseph Stiglitz. (Thursday)