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Discover the European Union DVD

This DVD package, produced by EuroparlTV, contains 20 clips designed to capitavite younger audiences, encourage classroom discussion and broaden students' understanding of contemporary European issues that directly affect them.

DVD 1 (for 11-15 year-old students) includes a helpful introduction to key components of the European Union and a concise overview of interesting topics for younger audiences:

- The first European elections - Building a democratic Europe (3:53)
- Single Market - Breaking down barriers and increasing freedoms (3:10)
- Schengen Area - Building the EU with passport-free travel (2:54)
- The Euro, keeping the EU together - The largest monetary project in history (2:26)
- A for Accession - Becoming an EU Member State (3:37)
- B for Biodiversity - Protecting all life on earth (2:09)
- C for Cloning - Debates to produce quality livestock (4:17)
- G for Galileo - The European space programme for future navigation (2:50)
- G for GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) - informed consumer choices (2:40)
- P for Parliament - Representing the interests of all Europeans (2:50)

DVD 2 (for 15-18 year-old students) provides more in-depth analysis and historical perspectives of major European policies and developments:

- European laws - Creating EU legislation from start to finish (3:06)
- European Parliament - Giving democratic legitimacy to the EU (3:33)
- Regional Policy - Investing in the development of 271 EU regions (4:02)
- Citizens as lawmakers - Have your voice heard (3:37)
- EU Budget: Who pays? - Member State contributions for the betterment of all (2:55)
- The Euro - From development to deployment (4:21)
- Schengen Agreement - Enshrining freedom of movement (4:16)
- The Treaties of Rome - The very beginnings of contemporary European unity (4:06)
- The CAP is born - One of the first and most important landmark policies (3:45)
- Fathers of Europe - Great political thinkers and their ideas (2:55)

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