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Euroscola at the European Parliament in Strasbourg

The European Parliament invites schools, teachers, and students to participate in the Euroscola programme - a chance for students to spend a day in Strasbourg in the shoes of an MEP !

Euroscola brings together 16 to 18 year old students from all 27 European Union Member States.  From the benches of the European Parliament's hemicycle, the students get the unique opportunity to experience EU decision making in the form of a multilingual European youth Parliament.  Euroscola allows these students to get together, debate, take sides, negotiate, amend, vote and finally adopt resolutions on real European issues.

Participation is normally awarded to schools making it through a national competition organised by the European Parliament Information Office in each Member State.  Successful candidates get a travel subsidy towards the cost of their journey to Strasbourg.  To be able to take an active part, the 600 participating students prepare themselves in their schools in advance and come to Strasbourg already acquainted with the issues up for discussion.

The day kicks off with a breakfast meeting where the students get to know each other.  Interaction with their new European counterparts is very important as the participants will cease to represent their schools and become part of multilingual working groups of approximately 100 participants each.  Meeting separately, each working group appoints a chair and spokesperson and moves on to adopt a resolution which will later be presented and defended in the plenary.  The plenary will eventually decide on the adoption of the final Euroscola resolutions by plenary voting using the chamber's electronic voting system.

There is much more awaiting participants at Euroscola.  European themed games, questionnaires, surveys and meetings are all aimed to make sure that students and teachers of different linguistic backgrounds and nationalities get to work together!

Participating students are encouraged to stay in touch with their new Euroscola friends and the European Parliament through their very own Euroscola Facebook page