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Delegation for relations with the countries of south-east Europe
Délégation pour les relations avec les pays de l'Europe du Sud-Est
Meeting / Réunion
11/05/2005 - 17:30 h.
Strasbourg - Salle WIC2

1 FDContents Pageen
1 OJDraft agenda for the delegation meeting on 11 May 2005de en fr
1 DVJoint statement of the co-chairpersons at the conclusion of the 6th EP-BiH Interparliamentary Meeting in Mostar, 3 November 2004de en fr
1 FDCommunique of the Peace Implementation Council Steering Board, Brussels, 7 April 2005en
1 FDUNHCR documentation on Refugees and IDP's returns from January to March 2005en
1 FDExecutive Summary from the European Stability Initiative (ESI) on 'The Helsinki Moment - European Member State Building in the Balkans' February 2005en
1 FDCouncil of Europe Venise Commission Draft Opinion on a possible solution to the issue of decertification of Police Officers in BiH. 03.03.05 Opinion on the Constitutional Situation in BiH and the powers of the High Representativeen

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