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Delegation for relations with the countries of south-east Europe
Délégation pour les relations avec les pays de l'Europe du Sud-Est
Meeting / Réunion
21/01/2008 - 16:15 h.
Bruxelles - Salle A5-E

1 OJDraft agenda for the preparatory meeting of 21 January 2008 de en
2 DVDecision of the OHR enacting the Law on Changes and Amendments to the Law on the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 19 October 2007en
3 DVFrom the Office of the High Representative: Press Conference Statement by the HR on 19 October 2007 Interview with 'Der Speigel' on 22 October 2007 Text of the proposed changes (already enacted) to the Rules of Procedure of the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 24 October 2007 en
4 DVDeclaration by the Steering Board of the Peace Implementation Council, 31 October 2007en
5 DVPress Conference by the High Representative, Mr Miroslav Lajcak, following the Peace Implementation Council Meeting in Sarajevo, 31 October 2007 en
6 DV32nd Report from the Office of the High Representative to the Secretary General of the United Nations (covering the period from 1 April - 30 September 2007), 15 November 2007 en
9 DVEconomic outlook of Bosnia and Herzegovina from Unicredit Group Quarterly, No.4, 2007en
10 DVEuropean Stability Initiative "The worst in Class - How the international protectorate hurts the European Future of Bosnia and Herzegovina", 8 November 2007 en
12 DVArticle from "Dnevni Avaz" of 4 December 2007 and courtesy translation into Englishen

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