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MEP profile
jpg Adrian SEVERIN
ni Non-attached Members
ro Romania
Partidul Social Democrat
Born on 28 March 1954, Bucureşti

Committee on Foreign Affairs [See]
Delegation for relations with the People's Republic of China [See]

Curriculum vitae
BA in Law (1974-1978) and PhD in Law (1986), University of Bucharest (1986). Postgraduate studies in Economics, Management, Marketing and Industrial Property Rights at London University Business School, University of Timişoara and the Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest. Lecturer in International Commercial Law and Comparative Civil and Commercial Law, Academy for Social and Political Studies, Bucharest (1990-1992). Senior Lecturer on International Commercial Law, Comparative Civil and Commercial Law, Business Law at the National School for Political Studies and Public Administration, Bucharest (1993-1997). Professor of International Commercial Law, Titus Maiorescu University, Bucharest (1999- ). Member of the Recommendation Committee, School for International Relations Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam (2000-2006). Member of the Romanian Bar Association (1994- ). Member of the Advisory Panel of the Eurobarometer Network of European Institutes for the Study of Interethnic Relations (1999- ). Member of the International Court of Commercial Arbitration attached to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania (1995- ). Member of the Court of Commercial Arbitration attached to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (1998- ). Member of the Court of Commercial Arbitration, Valletta, Malta (2001- ). Member of the International Court of Commercial Arbitration attached to the International Chamber of Commerce, Paris (2005- ). President of the International Court of Commercial Arbitration attached to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania (2008- ).
In the PSD: Member of the Permanent Delegation (2000-2004); Head of the Department of External Relations and European Affairs (2004-2007); Member of the Permanent Bureau (2004-2009).
Member of the Provisional Council for National Unity and Secretary of State for Privatisation in the Ministry of Economy (1990). Member of the Chamber of Deputies serving with: National Salvation Front (1990-1992); PD (1992-1996); Democrat Party (1996-1999); Independent (1999-2000); Romanian Democrat Social Party (2000-2004); Social-Democrat Party (2004-2007). Leader of the Democrat Party Group in the National Parliament (1992-1996).
Deputy Prime Minister for Reform and Relations with Parliament (1990-1991). President of the National Agency for the Privatisation and Development of Small and Medium Enterprises (1991-1992). Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs (1996-1997). Special Representative of the President of Romania for the Cooperation Initiative in South-Eastern Europe (1998-2000).
In the European Parliament: Head of Delegation of the Social Democratic Party observers (2005-2006); Head of the Romanian Social-Democrat Delegation in the European Parliament (2007-2009).
In the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe: Member of the Romanian Parliament's delegation (1993-1996; 2003-2007); Vice-Chairperson of the Socialist Group (1995-1996; 2003-2006); Vice-Chairperson of the Committee on Human Rights (1995-1996; 2006-2007); Chairperson of the Sub-Committee on External Relations (2004-2007). In the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly: President of the Romanian Parliament's Delegation (1998-1999); President of the Parliamentary Assembly (2000-2002); Chair of the Ad Hoc Working Group on Belarus (1998-2001); Honorary President (2002-2004).
Founding Member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the International Criminal Court (2003); Member of the Parliamentary Assembly for Global Action (2003-2007); UN Special Rapporteur for the situation of Human Rights in Belarus (2004-2007).
Senior columnist for the following newspapers and magazines: 'Lumea Magazin' (1998-2004); 'Ziua' (1998-2007); 'Cronica Română (2007-2008)'; 'Jurnalul Naţional' (2007); 'Foreign Policy' (2007- ); 'Revista Română de Arbitraj' (2007- ). Special Honour Award of the World Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (WASME); Euromarket Prize awarded by the European Centre for Market Research, Brussels; Man of the 20th Century Award from the International Biographical Centre, UK; Pro Merito Medal awarded by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe; Francisco de Miranda Order, First Class, Venezuela; International Understanding award, from People to People International, USA; Excellence Award and the Manfred Worner Medal, from the Manfred Worner Euro-Atlantic Association; Union of Solicitors of Romania's Prize (1997 and 2004); Knight of the National Order of Serviciul Credincios (Faithful Service).

Parliamentary activities
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