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  • Европейски консерватори и реформисти
  • Член
  • Обединено кралство Conservative Party
  • Роден: 25 Септември 1957 г., Aldershot, Hants


  • AFET Комисия по външни работи
  • DAND Делегация за връзки с държавите от Андската общност
  • DLAT Делегация в Евро-латиноамериканската парламентарна асамблея


  • DROI Подкомисия по правата на човека
  • D-RS Делегация в Парламентарния комитет по стабилизиране и асоцииране ЕС – Сърбия

Последни дейности

  • As someone with mixed UK & Irish heritage this comment is very alarming and playing with fire and frankly bordering on reckless.
    17/02/2018 21:58 - twitter
  • Very well said but nailing that canard after years of anti EU propaganda is almost impossible. EU has more checks and balances than the UK constitution in my experience
    17/02/2018 21:46 - twitter
  • From a fellow Tory medic and politician my sentiments precisely Phillip! @DrPhillipLeeMP
    17/02/2018 21:03 - twitter
  • A point in my Brexit the Security Dimension "And similarly, while UK will decide how we spend the entirety of our foreign aid in the future if a UK contribution to EU development programmes and instruments can best deliver our mutual interests, we should both be open to that"
    17/02/2018 20:43 - twitter
  • Point about to be published in greater detail in my next paper "This is also why the UK wants to agree a future relationship with the European Defence Fund and the European Defence Agency"
    17/02/2018 20:43 - twitter
  • Delighted by PM point as also in my papers "if the UK and EU’s interests can best be furthered by the UK continuing to contributing to an EU operation or mission as we do now, then we should both be open to that"
    17/02/2018 20:43 - twitter



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