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  • Роден: 25 Септември 1957 г., Aldershot, Hants


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  OPINION on the proposal for a decision of the European Parliament and of the Council providing further macro-financial assistance to Ukraine

16-05-2018 AFET_AD(2018)620988

  Complaints regarding an abuse of a dominant position received under Article 102 TFEU

08-05-2018 E-002535/2018 Комисията

Президентски избори във Венесуела (разискване)

02-05-2018 P8_CRE-PROV(2018)05-02(22)
  • RT @billybragg: I find this encouraging: Northern Ireland is the first place in the UK where the reality of Brexit has been brought into stark focus and, as a result, public opinion has shifted dramatically against leaving.
    26/05/2018 00:55 - twitter
  • Thanks Peter. Alway hoped British electorate would see through the lies of the Brexiteers and this suggests they are starting to now but probably too late sadly.
    26/05/2018 00:34 - twitter
  • The list of lies and false Brexiteer promises grows daily.
    25/05/2018 19:36 - twitter
  • Well I'm alright then as London voted Remain I can proudly say Jacob.
    25/05/2018 19:29 - twitter
  • Brilliant incisive piece on Cummings and his fellow travellers who wanted in Brexit to destroy the village in order to build another village. Always a dangerous and reckless approach to government. How many Hiltons, Cummings and Timothys can this country take I ask.
    25/05/2018 19:02 - twitter
  • This is precisely why Brexiteers will not never allow a second final say Referendum sadly. One vote, once and never again is their view as long as they've achieved their result even by a narrow majority on a pack of lies and false promises.
    25/05/2018 18:09 - twitter



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