• Charles
  • Европейски консерватори и реформисти
  • Член
  • Обединено кралство Conservative Party
  • Роден: 25 Септември 1957 г., Aldershot, Hants


  • AFET Комисия по външни работи
  • DAND Делегация за връзки с държавите от Андската общност
  • DLAT Делегация в Евро-латиноамериканската парламентарна асамблея


  • DROI Подкомисия по правата на човека
  • D-RS Делегация в Парламентарния комитет по стабилизиране и асоцииране ЕС – Сърбия

Последни дейности

  • Thanks and nice to know after 19 years some Brits finally appreciate our work as MEPs.
    23/07/2018 18:05 - twitter
  • Nice to see truth unpalatable to British exceptionalism that UK isnt always number one in everything in our Europe and we can learn from each other about best practice and EU is a great facilitator of this approach. Brexit will withdraw UK from so many such EU cooperative areas.
    23/07/2018 13:49 - twitter
  • Precisely why Brextremists will fight tooth and nail to prevent it.
    23/07/2018 13:43 - twitter
  • I too dont see the logic of this statement 'no deal hurts EU more than UK' as the % of EU GDP in exports to UK is smaller than UK to EU and their intra EU trade between neighbours is unaffected.
    23/07/2018 09:54 - twitter
  • It certainly exposes the lie that EU migration rook jobs from the Brits!
    23/07/2018 09:49 - twitter
  • RT @ianbirrell: Yet more evidence of Jacob Rees-Mogg's disgusting hypocrisy
    22/07/2018 20:34 - twitter



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