• Julie
  • Европейски консерватори и реформисти
  • Член
  • Обединено кралство Conservative Party
  • Роден: 21 Декември 1956 г., London


  • ENVI Комисия по околна среда, обществено здраве и безопасност на храните
  • DASE Делегация за връзки с държавите от Югоизточна Азия и Асоциацията на народите от Югоизточна Азия (АСЕАН)


  • AGRI Комисия по земеделие и развитие на селските райони
  • FEMM Комисия по правата на жените и равенството между половете

Последни дейности

  • RT @Andrew_Adonis: Just written to Lord Hall, DG of BBC, asking if he thinks Mr Farage’s 32nd appearance on BBC Question Time, as ex leader of party on 2% in the polls, is consistent with his duty to uphold impartiality. I’m also seeking retraction of BBC claim this week that the EU is a ‘corpse’
    18/02/2018 13:14 - twitter
  • RT @MollyMEP: A timely reminder of the complex & challenging situation facing #Gibraltar, whose people are another group whose fate was treated irresponsibly by Brexiteers A soft Brexit would do much to ease the situation. Deciding to #StopBrexit would be better still https://t.co/jsggULtVKQ
    18/02/2018 13:14 - twitter
  • Why are the ideologues so frightened of democratic scrutiny?#BrexitShambles https://t.co/cSqrdp4l7l
    18/02/2018 12:44 - twitter
  • RT @theabsolutetom: @DanielJHannan @BorisJohnson This Boris Johnson? Nothing he says is credible. Completely in it for himself. https://t.co/F0TPs2AIjY
    14/02/2018 19:32 - twitter



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