• Julie
  • Група на Европейската народна партия (Християндемократи)
  • Член
  • Обединено кралство Conservative Party
  • Роден: 21 Декември 1956 г., London


  • ENVI Комисия по околна среда, обществено здраве и безопасност на храните
  • DASE Делегация за връзки с държавите от Югоизточна Азия и Асоциацията на народите от Югоизточна Азия (АСЕАН)


  • AGRI Комисия по земеделие и развитие на селските райони
  • FEMM Комисия по правата на жените и равенството между половете
  • PEST Cпециална комисия относно процедурата на Съюза за разрешаване на пестициди

Последни дейности

  POSITION IN THE FORM OF AMENDMENTS on the proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council amending Regulation (EC) No 862/2007 of the European Parliament and of the Council on Community statistics on migration and international protection

02-10-2018 FEMM_AD(2018)628430

  REACH review

24-09-2018 E-004782/2018 Комисията
  • This is so important. I just don't understand why this isn't top of the news headlines every day. https://t.co/oTSugp5rZ7
    16/10/2018 21:12 - twitter
  • RT @JasonJHunter: Have you written to your MP today? Doesn't take long. Just tell them that you want a vote on the final deal. Demand to take back control of democracy by the people. March for a #PeoplesVote this Saturday.
    16/10/2018 21:06 - twitter
  • The only positive from this whole #brexitshambles is the exposure of Boris Johnson as an incompetent,self serving buffoon. https://t.co/DHCjSDbIv8
    15/10/2018 11:59 - twitter
  • I agree....it needs to do both. https://t.co/I3A2MnwuXH
    15/10/2018 11:57 - twitter
  • RT @mrjamesob: We are kneecapping ourselves, you mewling pencil, and calling it the ‘will of the people’. https://t.co/0GXOPGFv21
    14/10/2018 00:10 - twitter
  • 13/10/2018 20:59 - twitter



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