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  • I smile every time I think about all the benefits of a more united #Europe. If we were more united, our future would be brighter. #WeWantEurope, and we want it now!
    19/08/2018 12:08 - twitter
  • Kofi Annan was a true man of peace and one of the most important figures of the multilateral system. Very sad to learn of his passing. He will be sorely missed.
    18/08/2018 16:04 - twitter
  • Big tech companies have created a coded dystopia, where algorithms determine all outcomes. Politics & democracy as we knew it no longer exists. Europe needs a new digital strategy to put the internet back in people's hands. My plan to take back control
    17/08/2018 16:21 - twitter
  • Black lists against democracy activists are worthy of authoritarian regimes, not of EU Member States. The Schengen visa ban on Lyudmila Kozlowska must be withdrawn - or Poland’s role in Schengen reviewed
    17/08/2018 11:45 - twitter
  • I believe in a democratic, open & dynamic Poland that defends European values. The PiS government is not working for this purpose & must reverse their illiberal ideas to allow Poland to be at the centre of European politics instead of its fringes 🇪🇺 🇵🇱
    16/08/2018 18:00 - twitter
  • EP Brexit Steering Group is deeply concerned by reports EU citizens in UK may be registered alphabetically.Such an arbitrary approach would create uncertainty & confusion.We need a simple,efficient & fair process, not one a budget airline would be proud of
    16/08/2018 15:32 - twitter



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