Julia REDA
  • Julia
  • Skupina Zelených/Evropské svobodné aliance
  • Místopředsedkyně
  • Německo Piratenpartei Deutschland
  • Datum narození: 30. listopad 1986, Bonn


  • ITRE Výbor pro průmysl, výzkum a energetiku
  • JURI Výbor pro právní záležitosti
  • D-CN Delegace pro vztahy s Čínskou lidovou republikou


  • IMCO Výbor pro vnitřní trh a ochranu spotřebitelů
  • D-US Delegace pro vztahy se Spojenými státy

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  • RT @ibuscke: We're in the middle of the #Facebook #CambridgeAnalytica scandal - and Member States in the #Council just calmly work on weakening the protection of our communications data. Do they listen to the people?? https://t.co/Xw9dY5VEOS
    23/03/2018 09:59 - twitter
  • Great news! The European Court of Justice has established that the European Parliament must make documents on trilogue negotiations for EU legislation public. EU citizens have a right to free access to information - especially concerning legislation affecting them - and I encourage the institutions to publish these documents proactively to build trust. Secrecy in democratic processes is always harmful!
    22/03/2018 13:02 - facebook
  • Great news! General court rules that @Europarl_EN has to release documents on trilogue negotiations for EU legislation. I think the institutions should publish these documents proactively to build public trust. https://t.co/OtwQJQyLEm #transparency https://t.co/HsBKTaS0Kj
    22/03/2018 12:46 - twitter
  • La riforma del Copyright non piace a startup, piccoli editori e innovatori https://t.co/AqAinbyd4l #FixCopyright #SaveTheLink
    22/03/2018 10:28 - twitter
  • While it may seem complicated to tax global players in the digital economy, there are legitimate solutions - the only obstacle is their implementation. I welcome two proposals the European Commission has made: The first being the taxation of revenues generated by the exploitation of platform users' digital activities - such as Facebook's monetisation of user data for advertisers, The second proposal is to assign digital companies with a significant user base in an EU Member State a "permanent establishment" in the respective country, meaning that such companies cannot avoid taxation by shifting revenues generated locally to elsewhere. This proposal follows both the Greens/EFA's and also the European Parliament's position. The two proposals are both short- and long-term solutions for a problem of which solution is overdue. It is difficult to justify why digital giants should profit from all that tax-revenues provide for in a society, while the taxes they pay back into this pool do not reflect the revenues they generate. The Greens/EFA, European Parliament and the Commission are on the same line on this question, we now need to wait for the Council to step up and stop stalling.
    21/03/2018 13:06 - facebook
  • With these two proposals we are moving closer to fairer taxation of global players in the digital economy. While @GreensEP, the entire Parliament and @EU_Commission agree, we wait for the Council to stop stalling and step up. https://t.co/rkp574oEWl
    21/03/2018 13:06 - twitter

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