Ernest URTASUN : Písemná vysvětlení hlasování 

Poslanci mohou podat písemné vysvětlení svého hlasování v plénu. Článek 183 jednacího řádu

Příslušnost, uznávání a výkon rozhodnutí ve věcech manželských a ve věcech rodičovské zodpovědnosti a mezinárodní únosy dětí (A8-0056/2019 - Tadeusz Zwiefka) EN  

Voted in favour as it is important to support the extension of the Hague Convention to as many countries as possible in order to expand cooperation between countries and aim at settling cases of international child abduction and providing the widest possible protection to the children concerned.

Minimální krytí ztrát z nevýkonných expozic (A8-0440/2018 - Esther de Lange, Roberto Gualtieri) EN  

Voted in favour of the Regulation, which lays down new and additional rules that determine the amount and timing of capital buffers that banks must build up against non-performing loans (NPLs) on their balance sheets. It would introduce provisioning requirements that increase over time from 0% to 100% of the value of an NPL, which means that banks will have to set aside an increasing amount of their capital to guard against losses from NPLs. We supported the Regulation in principle because high stocks of NPLs are a risk to financial stability and because some reduction is a prerequisite for the introduction of a pan-European deposit insurance scheme.

Obecné pokyny pro přípravu rozpočtu na rok 2020 – oddíl III (A8-0172/2019 - Monika Hohlmeier) EN  

In favour: the first and maybe least important report as part of the annual budgetary procedure, the guidelines report contains many important priorities such as youth employment, research and climate spending.

Genderová vyváženost v nominacích v ekonomické a měnové oblasti na úrovni EU (RC-B8-0171/2019, B8-0171/2019, B8-0172/2019, B8-0173/2019, B8-0174/2019, B8-0175/2019) EN  

I voted in favour. The three recent appointments to top positions in Economic and Monetary Institutions, which have to be endorsed by the European Parliament after the vote on the Joint Motion for Resolution, were selected from an all-male shortlist of candidates. This dynamic deepens the profound gender imbalance in EU top institutions, in particular in monetary and financial affairs. We ask for the Parliament to commit itself to reject any candidate which comes from an all-male shortlist.

Evropský sankční režim v případě porušování lidských práv (RC-B8-0177/2019, B8-0177/2019, B8-0178/2019, B8-0179/2019, B8-0180/2019, B8-0181/2019) EN  

I voted in favour. An EU human rights violations sanctions regime should further build on the proposals of previous resolutions that called for an EU-wide mechanism for imposing targeted sanctions and emphasised the need for transatlantic cooperation to hold human rights violators to account, and also encourages other states to develop similar instruments.

Naléhavost vypracování černé listiny EU třetích zemí v souladu se směrnicí o boji proti praní peněz (B8-0176/2019) EN  

I voted in favour. Thanks to our push, the Commission autonomously assessed third countries and the risks/threats they present on money laundering and terrorism financing. We supported the 13.02.19 delegated act published by the Commission listing 23 third jurisdictions presenting high risks. We welcomed that the Commission goes beyond international blacklisting by the Financial Action Tax Force (FATF). However, we regret that the Council recently rejected the delegated act and never explained why they disagreed with the Commission’s assessment. Subject to intense lobbying and diplomatic pressure, Member States are now asking for a dialogue with these third countries and question the methodology. We call on the Commission not to give up, despite Council’s refusal, and to pursue its assessment and come up with another ambitious delegated act as soon as possible.

Doporučení k zahájení jednání mezi Evropskou unií a Spojenými státy (B8-0163/2019) EN  

I voted in favour of a new mandate for the EU-US negotiations.

Výroční strategická zpráva o plnění cílů udržitelného rozvoje (A8-0160/2019 - Eleni Theocharous, Francesc Gambús) EN  

I voted in favour as we fully support this report on implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as it contains clear messages towards the Commission and Member States to take the necessary measures to make serious progress towards the achievements of the SDGs.

Všeobecné vývozní povolení Unie pro vývoz určitého zboží dvojího užití z Unie do Spojeného království (A8-0071/2019 - Klaus Buchner) EN  

. ‒ Voted in favour. This contingency measure for a no-deal Brexit scenario is part of the list of the Commission’s Contingency Action Plan of 13 November 2018 and was reiterated by the Council on 13 December 2018.
The European Community operates a common system of controls on exports, transfer, brokering and transit of dual-use items, that is, items which can be used for both civilian and military purposes. From the date of withdrawal, the UK will be treated as a third country and the export of dual-use items from the EU to the UK will require an export authorisation issued by the competent national authority of the Member State where the exporter is established.

Azylový a migrační fond (A8-0106/2019 - Miriam Dalli) EN  

Voted in favour. The Asylum, Migration (and Integration) Fund can play a considerable role in ensuring access to integration, fair and effective asylum systems in Europe, returns in dignity and full respect of fundamental rights of third country nationals and contribute to the harmonisation of standards in relation to asylum, reception conditions and access to and improvement of legal migration channels, including work, studies and family reunification.
Our group tabled amendments to ensure that access to asylum and legal channels and integration are prioritised. The Greens/EFA Group have also ensured that in the draft report, Local and Regional Authorities, who are at the forefront of asylum and migration management and implement integration measures on the local and regional level are granted access to the much needed funding in order to carry out actions under this fund.


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