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  • Gruppen De Grønne/Den Europæiske Fri Alliance
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  • Det Forenede Kongerige Scottish National Party
  • Fødselsdato: 15. september 1973, Glasgow


  • AFET Udenrigsudvalget
  • DARP Delegationen for Forbindelserne med Den Arabiske Halvø
  • D-IQ Delegationen for Forbindelserne med Irak


  • AGRI Udvalget om Landbrug og Udvikling af Landdistrikter

Seneste aktiviteter

Status over forhandlingerne med Det Forenede Kongerige (forhandling)

03-10-2017 P8_CRE-PROV(2017)10-03(3)

  VP/HR - EU support for democracy and human rights in Bangladesh

01-09-2017 E-005466/2017 Kommissionen

  VP/HR - EU support to human rights NGOs in Israeli-occupied Golan

14-07-2017 E-004860/2017 Kommissionen
  • Sorry to miss it I’ve just got back to the Parliament from outside meetings, looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!
    17/10/2017 17:12 - twitter
  • Likewise! Will be good to compare notes!
    17/10/2017 17:11 - twitter
  • Here’s the only autopsy you need to read on last night’s dinner between Mrs May and the EU Commission. “Mystified” is indeed a good word.
    17/10/2017 11:40 - twitter
  • RT @EdwardInEurope: This is what real sabotage of a country looks like.
    17/10/2017 11:37 - twitter
  • Top analysis from @foreigncorr1 on @BBCRadioScot on the dreadful situation in #Kirkuk and #Kurdistan. International community must do more.
    17/10/2017 09:42 - twitter
  • Agreed. The deeply shonky Leave campaigns still have a smell to them. Happy to help any investigation if I can.
    16/10/2017 21:26 - twitter



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