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  • Belgien Open Vlaamse Liberalen en Democraten
  • geboren am 11. April 1953, Dendermonde


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Neueste Aktivitäten

Schlussfolgerungen der Tagung des Europäischen Rates vom 22./23. März 2018 (Aussprache)

18-04-2018 P8_CRE-PROV(2018)04-18(6)

Debatte mit dem französischen Staatspräsidenten, Emmanuel Macron, über die Zukunft Europas (Aussprache)

17-04-2018 P8_CRE-PROV(2018)04-17(4)

Erklärung der Präsidentschaft

16-04-2018 P8_CRE-PROV(2018)04-16(3)
  • Nine years after the outbreak of the financial crisis, we need progress on the Eurozone. For too long we are blocked already. I agree with Macron that we now have a unique opportunity to move Europe forward. Let’s do it! #IamEuropean 🇪🇺
    20/04/2018 12:18 - twitter
  • Hands off the judiciary, Viktor Orbán!No majority gives you the authority to put Hungary's judiciary under pressure and undermine its independence! #ValuesFirst
    20/04/2018 09:08 - twitter
  • We need to reinvent, to refound Europe! #IamEuropean #GenerationEurope 🇪🇺
    19/04/2018 11:12 - twitter
  • A warning from history. The last time populism had such support was during the WWII period. A retreat to nationalism and extremism won't deliver a brighter future. #IamEuropean #GenerationEurope Source:
    19/04/2018 10:48 - twitter
  • We will not accept illiberal democracies like Hungary and Poland in the EU. Our government leaders must act during the next Council meeting. #EPlenary
    18/04/2018 11:20 - twitter
  • We must avoid a post-Brexit bureaucratic nightmare for EU citizens. We need full guarantees in the light of the #Windrush scandal. The EP will discuss this with the Home Office in Brussels on Tuesday 24 April.
    18/04/2018 10:42 - twitter



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