Hans-Olaf HENKEL : Curriculum vitae 

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Curriculum vitae (The MEP is solely responsible for the information published)  
Updated: 27/02/2015 

Education (qualifications and diplomas) 

  • 03/1956-03/1959 : Secondary, Vocational / specialist training: Apprenticeship at Kühne & Nagel, Hamburg
  • 06/1959-12/1961 : University, Economics: Hamburg University of Economics and Politics

Professional career 

  • 02/1962-12/1994 : IBM in Germany, USA, India, Sri Lanka, France (Private sector (other areas))
  • 01/1995-12/2000 : Federation of German Industries, Cologne (Private sector (other areas))
  • 05/2001-01/2005 : Leibniz Association, Berlin (Other)


  • Honorary Doctorate from Dresden University
  • Honorary professor, University of Mannheim
  • International Book Prize (Corine)
  • Ecological Manager of the Year (WWF)
  • Ludwig Erhard Prize for Economic Journalism
  • Hayek Medal
  • Cicero Award for best speaker in the business community
  • New York Programming Award (for jazz programme)
  • Commander in the French Legion of Honour
  • Order of the Holy Treasure (Japan)
  • Order of the Southern Cross (Brazil)