Hans-Olaf HENKEL
  • Hans-Olaf
  • European Conservatives and Reformists Group
  • Vice-Chair
  • Germany Liberal-Conservative Refomists
  • Date of birth: 14 March 1940, Hamburg


  • ITRE Committee on Industry, Research and Energy


  • DROI Subcommittee on Human Rights


  • D-CN Delegation for relations with the People's Republic of China

Most recent activities

  • „Juncker antwortet auf Henkels Fragen zu Brexit“ von #Vimeo https://t.co/RqG6UUUvcZ #Brexit #EPlenary #NewDealforBritain @JunckerEU
    17/01/2018 17:59 - twitter
  • RT @ecrgroup: MEP @HansOlafHenkel says 📢 "Today's votes on the #cleanenergy pkg files pleased some with its ‘higher ambition’ & ‘increased targets’. Yet, this is quite irrelevant when you look at the wider problems facing the EU’s energy market. Full liberalisation & competition are needed" https://t.co/z2hbR3oktr
    17/01/2018 15:50 - twitter
  • RT @EmbassyPakBel: Meeting with Member of European Parliament @HansOlafHenkel @Europarl_EN Strasbourg https://t.co/7wFo8Cnhhp
    17/01/2018 15:01 - twitter
  • Liebesgrüße aus Straßburg https://t.co/Qi7lmYCX2l via @badischezeitung #Brexit #NewDealforBritain
    17/01/2018 12:26 - twitter
  • @JunckerEU "Art. 94 would allow them to accede again. And I would be happy to facilitate that!" #Brexit #NewDealforBritain
    17/01/2018 10:50 - twitter
  • @JunckerEU "If Britain wish to stay they should be allowed to do so!" #Brexit #NewDealforBritain
    17/01/2018 10:47 - twitter



  • Parlement européen
    Bât. Willy Brandt
    60, rue Wiertz / Wiertzstraat 60
    B-1047 Bruxelles/Brussel


  • Parlement européen
    Bât. Louise Weiss
    1, avenue du Président Robert Schuman
    CS 91024
    F-67070 Strasbourg Cedex

Postal addresses

  • European Parliament
    Rue Wiertz
    Willy Brandt 06M025
    1047 Brussels
  • Büro Hans-Olaf Henkel
    Büroleiter : Wolfgang Höntzke
    Friedrichstrasse 120
    10117 Berlin