Diane JAMES : Written explanations of vote 

Members can submit a written explanation of their vote in plenary. Rule 183

Establishing the space programme of the Union and the European Union Agency for the Space Programme (A8-0405/2018 - Massimiliano Salini)  

I voted against. I could not support an increase in a finance budget for EU space policy which will require additional contributions from the UK to the detriment of UK investment in this area.

Establishing the Digital Europe programme for the period 2021-2027 (A8-0408/2018 - Angelika Mlinar)  

I voted against. I do not support the budget implications for the UK of the EU’s digital programme.

Common system of a digital services tax on revenues resulting from the provision of certain digital services (A8-0428/2018 - Paul Tang)  

I voted against. I do not support any extension of EU Commission’s role in tax matters.

Corporate taxation of a significant digital presence (A8-0426/2018 - Dariusz Rosati)  

I voted against. I do not support any role or extension of the EU Commission’s activities in tax raising matters.

Blockchain: a forward-looking trade policy (A8-0407/2018 - Emma McClarkin)  

I abstained on this vote. The policy takes no account of different data protection regimes in terms of blockchain data storage.
Well-intentioned but not yet a final policy that I could support.

Activities of the European Ombudsman in 2017 (A8-0411/2018 - Eleonora Evi)  

I supported this report. It contained many criticisms of EU policy not least the appointment of Selmayr by Mr Juncker which completely ignored acceptable process and procedure.
The report also highlights yet again the lack of transparency by and within the EU regarding important decisions.

Deliberations of the Committee on Petitions 2017 (A8-0404/2018 - Cecilia Wikström)  

I abstained. The report provided a good record but little if any recommendations or actions. Had these been included I could have been persuaded to vote in support.

Draft amending budget No 6/2018: Reduction of payment and commitment appropriations (own resources) (A8-0399/2018 - Siegfried Mureşan)  

I voted to support. This allows for a small reduction in the UK’s contribution to a reduced EU budget. Two attractive components.

Mobilisation of the Flexibility Instrument to finance immediate budgetary measures to address the on-going challenges of migration, refugee inflows and security threats (A8-0455/2018 - Daniele Viotti)  

I voted against.
I oppose the principle of the uses of financial instruments that operate outside of normal budgetary limits and also oppose any increase in EU spending without necessary justification.

Mobilisation of the European Union Solidarity Fund to provide for the payment of advances in the EU general budget for 2019 (A8-0453/2018 - Lefteris Christoforou)  

I voted against.
The EU avoids providing expenditure justification. Supporting advanced payments, without any form of checks or reasoning, cannot be supported.