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  • Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance
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  • United Kingdom Green Party
  • Date of birth: 21 May 1963, Stroud


  • ECON Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs
  • PANA Committee of Inquiry to investigate alleged contraventions and maladministration in the application of Union law in relation to money laundering, tax avoidance and tax evasion
  • DMER Delegation for relations with Mercosur
  • DLAT Delegation to the Euro-Latin American Parliamentary Assembly


  • AGRI Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development
  • D-BR Delegation for relations with the Federative Republic of Brazil

Most recent activities

Paradise papers (debate)

14-11-2017 P8_CRE-PROV(2017)11-14(2)

Multilateral negotiations in view of the 11th WTO Ministerial Conference (debate)

14-11-2017 P8_CRE-PROV(2017)11-14(12)
  • Molly argues we need to change our current trade system to ensure it works for everyone and does not foster rising inequality. She calls on the EU to support the UN in creating an international binding treaty that enforces minimum human rights standards on multinational corporations that all too often slip through national legal controls. Find out more about Molly's work on XXXXX at
    17/11/2017 10:48 - youtube
  • What News from Parliament on Making Brexit Happen? Back in the heady days when Theresa May still had some power and the Brexiteers were riding high, the Conservative government announced its Great Repeal Bill. This, we were told, would transfer into UK law all the law that currently governs us in Europe. Even at that stage, Greens, including myself, rang alarm bells, warning that many of the principles underlying European law would not be transferred if statute were merely copied and pasted. That is because the Bill fails to transfer the principles which the EU uses to guide the implementation of its laws. This was always going to require significant amendments to be passed as the Bill, now shorn of its hubris and reduced to a mere Withdrawal Bill, passed through the House of Commons. This week two amendments which sought to shoehorn important environmental principles into the Bill were defeated in the Commons. The first was an amendment proposed by Caroline Lucas to keep the principle that animals should be treated as “sentient” (implying that they can experience pain). Also rejected was a Labour amendment, backed by the Greens, to keep the ‘precautionary principle’ and ‘polluter pays’ principle. So much for ‘Green Brexit’. There are of course many amendments still to go. But it is shocking to me, as an MEP, to witness the gulf between our archaic parliamentary procedures and the open, democratic and modern processes used in the European Parliament. We simply don’t know which amendments will or won’t be voted on. Many are simply being lost along the way. Contrast this with the European Parliament where all amendments are debated and voted on. There is hope though and the mood among environmental NGOs is optimistic, not based on the amendments, but on assurances from the government that it will press ahead with an Environment Protection Bill. Tis would seek to create an independent body with powers to monitor and ensure compliance with environmental policy and prosecute when and where these are breached. Green pressure for such a Bill seems to be paying dividends. We also look to our bizarre second chamber the House of Lords to see if they have the backbone so hard to come by amongst our elected representatives. Let’s hope they will put up a fight on the crucial amendments that were lost in the Commons.
    17/11/2017 08:53 - facebook
  • Molly the calls on the EU to ensure that its trade policy takes into account environmental issues and complies with the Paris climate agreement. Find out more about Molly's work on Trade at
    16/11/2017 16:40 - youtube
  • Today I spoke to the European Parliament about how the #ParadisePapers reveal clear links between leading Brexiteers including Lord Ashcroft & Rees-Mogg and tax dodging. The EU must make cleaning up UK's Overseas Territories a condition of any future trade deal.
    14/11/2017 18:11 - facebook
  • Molly exposes the hypocritical posturing of the UK government on tax avoidance and emphasises that tax evasion was always part of the part of the Brexit agenda - the Paradise Papers only recently exposed the links of leading Brexiters to tax havens. But Britain must not become the Bermuda of the North! Find out more about Molly's work on Tax Justice at
    14/11/2017 14:46 - youtube
  • Molly challenged Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis, responsible for Health and Food Safety, on how the Commission intends to strengthen enforcement mechanisms for the sustainable use of pesticides and what the Commission is doing to assess the climate benefits of conservation agriculture and organic farming. She also questions what research it will commission to assess what impact the exposure to multiple toxic chemicals has on people. Find out more about Molly's work on agriculture and farming at
    14/11/2017 13:58 - youtube



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