• Siôn
  • Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament
  • Member
  • United Kingdom Labour Party
  • Date of birth: 23 December 1968, Doncaster


  • EMPL Committee on Employment and Social Affairs
  • DMAG Delegation for relations with the Maghreb countries and the Arab Maghreb Union


  • ECON Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs
  • AFCO Committee on Constitutional Affairs
  • D-CN Delegation for relations with the People's Republic of China

Most recent activities

Travel document for the return of illegally staying third-country nationals (A8-0201/2016 - Jussi Halla-aho)

15-09-2016 P8_CRE-PROV(2016)09-15(12.2)

Asylum: provisional measures in favour of Italy and Greece (A8-0236/2016 - Ska Keller)

15-09-2016 P8_CRE-PROV(2016)09-15(12.4)

Guidelines for the employment policies of the Member States (A8-0247/2016 - Laura Agea)

15-09-2016 P8_CRE-PROV(2016)09-15(12.5)
  • Spoke to @ITVCentral at #Lab16 this week about why I'm running to be West Midlands Mayor
    28/09/2016 19:17 - twitter
  • @KieranJaye Coventry was a major European city when Birmingham was 3 huts & a sheep. It's part of the West Midlands, not Greater Birmingham.
    28/09/2016 10:03 - twitter
  • @TheFlozzman never said anything of the sort mate. The @birminghammail story is completely untrue.
    28/09/2016 09:49 - twitter
  • @BaggiesFacts cheers. And boing boing.
    27/09/2016 23:58 - twitter
  • @boing93 no worries at all.
    27/09/2016 23:49 - twitter
  • @BaggiesFacts @birminghammail there's no quote that I said we should have a merged football team, because I didn't say anything of the sort.
    27/09/2016 23:48 - twitter



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