• Seb
  • Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament
  • Member
  • United Kingdom Labour Party
  • Date of birth: 1 December 1981, London


  • ENVI Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety
  • DACP Delegation to the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly
  • DLAT Delegation to the Euro-Latin American Parliamentary Assembly


  • DEVE Committee on Development
  • DCAM Delegation for relations with the countries of Central America

Most recent activities

Conclusions of the European Council meeting of 28 and 29 June 2018 (debate)

03-07-2018 P8_CRE-PROV(2018)07-03(16)

Eco-design and stage lighting

29-05-2018 E-002908/2018 Commission
  • RT @mrjamesob: ...unless your enemy is driving over a cliff with everyone you care about strapped to the roof-rack.
    22/09/2018 13:15 - twitter
  • The reality of Brexit is now *so far removed* from the Leave proposition - more money, more investment, existing rights and more opportunities - that for the government (or Labour) to claim we must forge ahead is preposterous. No-one will be thanked for delivering a disaster.
    22/09/2018 13:06 - twitter
  • RT @Manuel_TSSA: You don't kill xenophobia by aping the policies of UKIP - you need to defeat them!
    22/09/2018 13:00 - twitter
  • RT @Stone_SkyNews: Very angry letter from @BritishInEurope to @theresa_may after she chose not to mention the 1.2+ million Brits who live in the EU. “You appear willing to take the UK out of the EU with a no deal and no thoughts for your own nationals” @SkyNews 👇
    22/09/2018 03:15 - twitter
  • RT @SpenceLivermore: Delusion created a Brexit mandate impossible to deliver. Delusion ensured nothing but humiliation was achieved in the negotiations. Delusion brought our country literally to the verge of catastrophe. Yet somehow they think maintaining this delusion is going to save us now.
    21/09/2018 23:19 - twitter
  • No, we shouldn’t just leave without a deal. Anyone advocating such a ludicrous path - with the impact it will have on millions of people’s living standards, jobs, social and economic welfare - shouldn’t be in public office!
    21/09/2018 19:23 - twitter



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