Theresa GRIFFIN : Written explanations of vote 

Members can submit a written explanation of their vote in plenary. Rule 183

Eurojust-Denmark Agreement on judicial cooperation in criminal matters (A8-0192/2019 - Claude Moraes)  

I voted in favour of this report because I believe that continued judicial cooperation across the EU is essential in the fight against organised crime and terrorism.

Coordination of social security systems (A8-0386/2018 - Guillaume Balas)  

Free movement of workers is one of the four freedoms enjoyed by EU citizens. The current Regulation however is outdated and no longer reflects the changing national social security systems nor the case law of the ECJ.
In times of increased labour mobility, protecting social rights is of utmost importance. Equally important is maintaining the continuity of social security when moving from one legislation to another. With this report, we seek to guarantee to all EU workers an effective social protection that does not discriminate anyone. We also want to bring more clarity to the rules applicable to posted and self-employed workers, as well as to people engaged in multiple activities abroad.
However, the conservatives and liberals are not happy with the progress the S&Ds achieved in both the EP and in negotiations with the Council and try to use elections as a tool to stop this progress from being confirmed for the future Parliament. The S&Ds will however continue defending the rights of mobile workers and will seek to unblock the agreement reached in the Council.

Use of digital tools and processes in company law (A8-0422/2018 - Tadeusz Zwiefka)  

There is a need to update company law procedures in order to make them fit to the digital age. However, this must not come at the expense of the fight against crime and abuse.

Cross-border conversions, mergers and divisions (A8-0002/2019 - Evelyn Regner)  

For the first time, a procedure with clear rules to follow for companies wanting to move into another member state is introduced, which will make it harder for those wishing to exploit the single market for the wrong reasons, cracking down on companies who artificially move for the purpose of evading tax, social contributions or national labour laws. This is something S&D have been pressuring the European Commission to do for years.
S&D supports companies expanding to other member states for genuine economic activity that boosts growth and creates jobs but not those who do it to find lower labour protections or tax rates. The single market cannot mean a race to the bottom. These new rules will mean that companies involved in fraudulent or abusive practices circumventing national or Union law on for example employee rights, taxation or social security, will not receive the necessary certification to finalise a cross-border operation. On the other side, the law creates, for the first time, legal certainty for companies using their right for freedom of establishment.

Exposures in the form of covered bonds (A8-0384/2018 - Bernd Lucke)  

I am in favour of creating an EU wide framework for covered bonds and to bring the single capital market a step further. But we ensured that the good practices of well-functioning national covered bond system are still in place and enhanced transparency and investor protection.

InvestEU (A8-0482/2018 - José Manuel Fernandes, Roberto Gualtieri)  

I am proud to be backing the initiative of my Group in pushing for a strong EU investment policy. Built on the successes of EFSI, InvestEU combines several EU financial instruments to better target and maximise the impact of EU investment on the ground.

European Maritime Single Window environment (A8-0006/2019 - Deirdre Clune)  

This proposal will help to reduce administrative burden for port operators, harmonise reporting environment for ships and improve access to ports.

A comprehensive European Union framework on endocrine disruptors (B8-0241/2019)  

Hundreds of man-made and some natural chemicals can disrupt the function of the endocrine system causing life-threatening diseases. EDCs are present in food, food contact materials, cosmetics, consumer goods (including furnishings, cleaning products), toys, as well as drinking water - sectors, where the lack of efficient consideration of EDCs at EU level is more pronounced. We need a concrete action plan aiming for a horizontal identification and subsequent exclusion of endocrine disrupting chemicals from all aspects of our daily life in order to ensure a high level of protection for human health, especially vulnerable groups, and the environment.

European Border and Coast Guard (A8-0076/2019 - Roberta Metsola)  

I voted in favour of this report because it is crucial that we ensure that the EU’s external borders are managed effectively is a priority. The European Border and Coast Guard Agency has an important role to play in supporting and helping coordinate Member States’ work in keeping citizens secure.

Establishing Horizon Europe – laying down its rules for participation and dissemination (A8-0401/2018 - Dan Nica)  

. ‒ The deal reached on the content confirms the S&D commitments on fighting climate change, supporting gender equality and improving citizens’ quality of life through dedicated research broad lines on health (cancer, cardiovascular diseases and precision medicine) and increased support to SMEs for better and qualified jobs in Europe.


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