Richard ASHWORTH : 8th parliamentary term 

Political groups 

  • 01-07-2014 / 27-02-2018 : European Conservatives and Reformists Group - Member
  • 28-02-2018 / 01-07-2019 : Group of the European People's Party (Christian Democrats) - Member

National parties 

  • 01-07-2014 / 31-03-2019 : Conservative Party (United Kingdom)
  • 01-04-2019 / 01-07-2019 : Change UK – The Independent Group (United Kingdom)


  • 01-07-2014 / 18-01-2017 : Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development
  • 14-07-2014 / 18-01-2017 : Committee on Budgets
  • 14-07-2014 / 01-07-2019 : Delegation for relations with the countries of Southeast Asia and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)
  • 19-01-2017 / 01-07-2019 : Committee on Budgets
  • 19-01-2017 / 01-07-2019 : Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development


  • 01-07-2014 / 13-07-2014 : Committee on Budgets
  • 01-07-2014 / 07-10-2014 : Committee on Budgetary Control
  • 09-01-2015 / 18-01-2017 : Committee on Budgetary Control
  • 19-01-2017 / 27-02-2018 : Committee on Budgetary Control
  • 20-03-2018 / 01-07-2019 : Committee on Budgetary Control

Main parliamentary activities 

Contributions to plenary debates 
Speeches made during the plenary session and written declarations relating to plenary debates. Rules Rule 204 and 171(11)

Reports - as rapporteur 
A rapporteur is appointed in the responsible parliamentary committee to draft a report on proposals of a legislative or budgetary nature, or other issues. In drafting their report, rapporteurs may consult with relevant experts and stakeholders. They are also responsible for the drafting of compromise amendments and negotiations with shadow rapporteurs. Reports adopted at committee level are then examined and voted on in plenary. Rule 55

Opinions - as shadow rapporteur 
Political groups designate a shadow rapporteur for an opinion to follow progress and negotiate compromise texts with the rapporteur. Rule 215

OPINION on implementation of the Development Cooperation Instrument, the Humanitarian Aid Instrument and the European Development Fund  
- BUDG_AD(2018)616589 -  
OPINION on palm oil and deforestation of rainforests  
- AGRI_AD(2017)592126 -  
OPINION on possible evolutions of and adjustments to the current institutional set-up of the European Union  
- BUDG_AD(2016)587434 -  

Motions for resolutions 
Motions for resolutions are tabled on topical issues, at the request of a committee, a political group or at least 5% of the Members, and voted on in plenary. Rule 132, Rule 136, Rule 139, Rule 144.

Other parliamentary activities 

Written explanations of vote 
Members can submit a written explanation of their vote in plenary. Rule 194

The situation in Hungary (A8-0250/2018 - Judith Sargentini)  

The decision to advocate the launch of Article 7(1) proceedings against a Member State is not one we have taken lightly.
Our vote today is not an attack on Hungary nor an attack on its people.
Nor is our vote necessarily about the content of the report, flawed as it is.
Our decision concerns the question of European values, what they are and how we maintain and promote them.
Europe, and its neighbourhood, is a family of friendly nations which share the same values, such as freedom, democracy and the rule of law.
Like any family, we have disagreements and differences of opinion, yet these common values continue to bind us together.
Regrettably, it is clear that Mr. Orbán and the current Hungarian government have been distancing themselves from these values.
The launch of Article 7(1) proceedings would, in our view, provide an opportunity for a constructive and cooperative dialogue with the Hungarian Government, in order to prevent the undermining of the values which we all share.

Written questions 
Members can submit a specific number of questions to the President of the European Council, the Council, the Commission and the Vice-President of the Commission/High Representative of the Union, for written answer. Rule 138, Annex III

Written declarations (up to 16 January 2017) 
**This instrument no longer exists since 16 January 2017**. A written declaration was an initiative on a matter falling within the EU’s competence. It could be co-signed by Members within a 3 month period.

Written declaration on food wastage  
- P8_DCL(2015)0001 - Lapsed  
Giovanni LA VIA , Richard ASHWORTH , Pilar AYUSO , Simona BONAFÈ , Michel DANTIN , Paolo DE CASTRO , Albert DESS , Gerben-Jan GERBRANDY , Martin HÄUSLING , Kateřina KONEČNÁ , Mairead McGUINNESS , James NICHOLSON , Czesław Adam SIEKIERSKI  
Date opened : 12-01-2015
Lapse date : 12-04-2015
Number of signatories : 179 - 17-04-2015


Declaration of financial interests 

Declarations of participation by Members in events organised by third parties