Francesco FERRARI
  • Francesco
  • Italy
  • Date of birth: 16 December 1946, Mairano (Brescia)

Political groups

  • 05.07.2007 / 13.07.2009 : Group of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe - Member

National parties

  • 05.07.2007 / 06.02.2008 : Uniti nell'Ulivo (Italy)
  • 07.02.2008 / 13.07.2009 : Partito Democratico (Italy)


  • 03.09.2007 / 13.07.2009 : Committee on Transport and Tourism
  • 31.01.2008 / 13.07.2009 : Delegation for relations with the Palestinian Legislative Council


  • 11.10.2007 / 13.07.2009 : Committee on Regional Development

Parliamentary activities in plenary – 6th parliamentary term

Speeches in plenary


Situation in the bee keeping sector (debate)

19-11-2008 P6_CRE(2008)11-19(20)

Explanations of vote

18-06-2008 P6_CRE(2008)06-18(7)

A6-0081/2008 - REPORT Proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of pedestrians and other vulnerable road users

Protection of pedestrians and other vulnerable road users (debate)

17-06-2008 P6_CRE(2008)06-17(15)

Protection of pedestrians and other vulnerable road users (debate) (2)

17-06-2008 P6_CRE(2008)06-17(15)

CAP ‘Health Check’ (debate)

11-03-2008 P6_CRE(2008)03-11(17)

Reports - as rapporteur


Opinions - as rapporteur


OPINION on the regional development aspects of the impact of tourism in coastal regions

04-11-2008 TRAN_AD(2008)412095

Motions for resolutions


JOINT MOTION FOR A RESOLUTION on the refusal to extradite Cesare Battisti from Brazil

04-02-2009 RC-B6-0076/2009

  PROPOSITION DE RÉSOLUTION sur le cas de Cesare Battisti

03-02-2009 B6-0089/2009

NB: This motion for a resolution is available in the original language only.

Parliamentary questions


Antonio Merloni Spa - company crisis and the future of its factories

24-10-2008 E-5946/2008 Commission

Ryanair's new trading policy in breach of Legislative Resolution P6_TA(2007)0337

31-01-2008 P-0617/2008 Commission

ThyssenKrupp, Turin

24-01-2008 E-0431/2008 Commission

Marriages of Italian citizens and foreign nationals in Caravaggio (Italy)

10-12-2007 E-6392/2007 Commission

Giorgio Bettio (Italy) and Nazi-like treatment of third-country nationals

10-12-2007 E-6391/2007 Commission

New residence rules in Verona

10-12-2007 E-6390/2007 Commission

Study allowances in Romano d'Ezzelino (Italy)lino (Italy)

10-12-2007 E-6389/2007 Commission

EU information and communication strategy

07-12-2007 E-6347/2007 Commission