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  • United Kingdom Conservative Party
  • Date of birth: 25 September 1957, Aldershot, Hants


  • AFET Committee on Foreign Affairs
  • DAND Delegation for relations with the countries of the Andean Community
  • DLAT Delegation to the Euro-Latin American Parliamentary Assembly


  • DROI Subcommittee on Human Rights
  • D-RS Delegation to the EU-Serbia Stabilisation and Association Parliamentary Committee

Most recent activities

  • In my experience many of the leading Brexiteers were happy to build a coalition of disparate Brexiteer groups from Fishermen to Commonwealthers with endless promises to different groups even contradictory ones just to get over the line. Utterly cynical and unprincipled but worked
    23/03/2018 15:54 - twitter
  • Just renewed mine so for 9 years I too can dream about happier EU days. I'm sure many Remainers will feel emotionally the same about the UK and its inalienable European identity and destiny.
    23/03/2018 15:45 - twitter
  • Remember lies from Brexiteers about Clinical Trials Directive in spite of my correcting them that EU CT Regulation updated and corrected the problems and has brought huge benefits to EU medicines & UK pharma industry
    22/03/2018 17:24 - twitter
  • RT @statedeptspox: US & UK were right not to send our Ambassadors to @mfa_russia briefing to hear wild accusations and implausible denials. #Russia was responsible for the nerve agent attack. Attempts to deny responsibility follow a familiar script: Crimea, MH17, Donbas, Litvinenko, doping, etc...
    22/03/2018 13:17 - twitter
  • Very good question and it may well be embarrassing & very revealing to see where the funding comes from. By the time a warrant is issued wonder what records will still be there to inspect?
    22/03/2018 13:15 - twitter
  • RT @gordoncraig11: What we need to remind everyone is that Farage had the opportunity and authority to influence EU fishing policy,he was so disinterested that he turned up for 1 meeting in 43. Whilst incidentally trousering an substantial salary for doing so. He is a charlatan and a fraud.
    22/03/2018 08:16 - twitter



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