Political groups

  • 14.07.2009 / 30.06.2014 : Group of the European People's Party (Christian Democrats) - Member

National parties

  • 14.07.2009 / 30.06.2014 : Partido Social Democrata (Portugal)


  • 16.07.2009 / 18.01.2012 : Committee on Fisheries
  • 16.09.2009 / 30.06.2014 : Delegation for relations with Canada
  • 19.01.2012 / 30.06.2014 : Committee on Fisheries


  • 16.07.2009 / 18.01.2012 : Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development
  • 16.09.2009 / 30.06.2014 : Delegation to the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly
  • 19.01.2012 / 30.06.2014 : Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development

Parliamentary activities in plenary – 7th parliamentary term

Speeches in plenary


European long-term investment funds (A7-0211/2014 - Rodi Kratsa-Tsagaropoulou)

17-04-2014 P7_CRE-REV(2014)04-17(10.4)

Maritime spatial planning and integrated coastal management (A7-0379/2013 - Gesine Meissner)

17-04-2014 P7_CRE-REV(2014)04-17(10.5)

Infringements of competition law (A7-0089/2014 - Andreas Schwab)

17-04-2014 P7_CRE-REV(2014)04-17(10.7)

Shipments of waste (A7-0069/2014 - Bart Staes)

17-04-2014 P7_CRE-REV(2014)04-17(10.8)

New psychoactive substances (A7-0172/2014 - Jacek Protasiewicz)

17-04-2014 P7_CRE-REV(2014)04-17(10.9)

Reports - as rapporteur


REPORT on marine knowledge 2020:"Seabed mapping for promoting sustainable fisheries"

23-09-2013 A7-0295/2013

REPORT Green Paper: Reform of the Common Fisheries Policy

08-02-2010 A7-0014/2010

Reports - as shadow rapporteur


Opinions - as rapporteur


OPINION Proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing a Programme to support the further development of an Integrated Maritime Policy

06-04-2011 PECH_AD(2011)456671

OPINION Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions: A Community approach on the prevention of natural and man made disasters

08-04-2010 AGRI_AD(2010)438486

Opinions - as shadow rapporteur


OPINION on the proposal for a directive of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing a framework for maritime spatial planning and integrated coastal management

17-10-2013 PECH_AD(2013)514932

Motions for resolutions


Joint motion for a resolution on the imbalances in the food supply chain

18-01-2012 RC-B7-0006/2012

Motion for a resolution on the imbalances in the food distribution chain (2011/2904(RSP))

16-01-2012 B7-0006/2012

Motion for a resolution on the European fisheries sector crisis due to the rise in oil prices

09-05-2011 B7-0297/2011

Motion for a resolution on rising food prices

09-02-2011 B7-0117/2011

Motion for a resolution on xx

02-03-2010 B7-0131/2010

Motion for a resolution on forest fires in the summer of 2009

14-09-2009 B7-0039/2009

Written declarations


Written declaration on the nomination of wine culture as part of the intangible world heritage of humanity

20-05-2013 P7_DCL(2013)0009 Lapsed


Esther HERRANZ GARCÍA , Pilar AYUSO , Michel DANTIN , Joseph DAUL , Paolo DE CASTRO , Agustín DÍAZ DE MERA GARCÍA CONSUEGRA , Iratxe GARCÍA PÉREZ , Elisabeth JEGGLE , Ana MIRANDA , Giancarlo SCOTTA' , Czesław Adam SIEKIERSKI , Sergio Paolo Francesco SILVESTRIS , Maria do Céu PATRÃO NEVES , Nuno MELO , Luis Manuel CAPOULAS SANTOS

Date opened : 20-05-2013
Lapse date : 20-08-2013
Number of signatories : 132 - 20-08-2013

Written declaration on fish as a common good

30-11-2011 P7_DCL(2011)0047 Adopted


Guido MILANA , Kriton ARSENIS , Corinne LEPAGE , Maria do Céu PATRÃO NEVES , Raül ROMEVA i RUEDA

Date opened : 30-11-2011
Lapse date : 29-03-2012
Adopted (date) : 18-04-2012
Text adopted (with the list of signatories) : P7_TA(2012)0129
Number of signatories : 390 - 29-03-2012

Written declaration on a Competitiveness and Innovation Network in the outermost regions of the European Union

04-07-2011 P7_DCL(2011)0034 Lapsed


Nuno TEIXEIRA , Luís Paulo ALVES , Elie HOARAU , Gabriel MATO , Maria do Céu PATRÃO NEVES

Date opened : 04-07-2011
Lapse date : 04-11-2011
Number of signatories : 88 - 27-10-2011

Written declaration on the Union's efforts to fight deforestation

14-06-2010 P7_DCL(2010)0056 Lapsed


Viorica DĂNCILĂ , George BECALI , Maria do Céu PATRÃO NEVES , Martin HÄUSLING

Date opened : 14-06-2010
Lapse date : 14-10-2010
Number of signatories : 83 - 15-10-2010

Parliamentary questions


Restrictions on the transport of liquids, aerosols and gels

03-04-2014 E-004180/2014 Commission

COSTA project - Atlantic routes to the Azores and Madeira

31-03-2014 P-003999/2014 Commission

Lengthy interruptions to fishing activity due to poor weather at sea

25-02-2014 P-002169/2014 Commission

Amendment of fishing regulations by reason of the change of status of Mayotte

30-01-2014 E-000954/2014 Commission

International Year of Family Farming

28-01-2014 P-000827/2014 Commission

Ban on the capture of three species of rays (Regulations (EU) No 1262/2012, No 39/2013 and No 40/2013)

25-11-2013 E-013362/2013 Commission

Bluefin tuna fishing season for bait boats in the outermost regions (Regulation (EC) No 302/2009)

07-11-2013 P-012625/2013 Commission

Retabling of questions on the POSEI Fisheries programme (Regulation (EC) No 791/2007)

12-06-2013 P-006812/2013 Commission

Public consultation on the POSEI fisheries programme (Regulation (EC) No 791/2007)

30-05-2013 E-006134/2013 Commission

Declarations (7th parliamentary term)

Declaration of financial interests