Catherine BEARDER
  • Catherine
  • Group of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe
  • Member
  • United Kingdom Liberal Democrats
  • Date of birth: 14 January 1949, Broxbourne


  • BURO Parliament's Bureau
  • QUE Quaestors

    Responsibilities as Quaestor:

    • Cultural and artistic events sponsored by Members
    • Artistic Committee
    • Chair of Artistic Committee
    • Contacts with Former Members' Association
    • Use by Members of Parliament's library and document management
    • Member of High-level Group on Gender Equality and Diversity
    • Member of the Bureau Working Group on ICT Innovation Strategy
    • Member of the Advisory Committee dealing with Harassment Complaints between Accredited Parliamentary Assistants and Members of the European Parliament and its Prevention at the Workplace* (* As appointed by the President)

  • ENVI Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety
  • DACP Delegation to the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly


  • DEVE Committee on Development
  • FEMM Committee on Women's Rights and Gender Equality
  • D-ZA Delegation for relations with South Africa

Most recent activities

The illegal trade in companion animals in the EU

17-09-2018 O-000102/2018 Commission

The illegal trade in companion animals in the EU

17-09-2018 O-000101/2018 Council

OPINION on the proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of persons reporting on breaches of Union law

12-09-2018 ENVI_AD(2018)623622
  • My colleague and friend has summed up the situation with Labour very well. Worth a read and RT
    24/09/2018 18:27 - twitter
  • RT @SarahLudford: As fed up as we all are by Labour leadership position, nothing must undermine our cross-party solidarity with our Labour (as well as Tory) friends in working for #PeoplesVote with option to #Remain. Makes a truly MASSIVE turnout for Oct 20th march even more vital! @peoplesvote_uk
    24/09/2018 15:22 - twitter
  • RT @emcmillanscott: Ways to go on Brexit: It's the only thing many Labour members wanted sorted this week
    24/09/2018 02:33 - twitter
  • Read thread, RT and share with your MP. Ask for their reactions to the recommendations. @The3Million
    24/09/2018 02:28 - twitter
  • RT @jonlis1: A thread fizzing with cold, clear truth. May is an icon of delusion, dishonesty and desperation. She is unworthy of her position and unfit for office.
    23/09/2018 14:51 - twitter
  • This is taking back control? More like dumping on our friends.
    23/09/2018 14:50 - twitter



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