Speeches in plenary


Conclusions of the European Council meeting (26-27 June 2014) (debate)

02-07-2014 P8_CRE-REV(2014)07-02(5)

Written questions


Increase in the level of late payments

27-10-2014 E-008383/2014 Commission

Research into endometriosis

21-10-2014 E-008181/2014 Commission

Plan for communal action against Ebola

08-10-2014 E-007650/2014 Commission

Potential fraudulent use of ESF funding in Madrid

02-10-2014 E-007474/2014 Commission

Single passport for European citizens

02-10-2014 E-007417/2014 Commission

Effects of the drought

11-09-2014 E-006843/2014 Commission

Infringement of the rules regarding the award of institutional advertising contracts

11-09-2014 E-006803/2014 Commission

European consumer protection undermined by fraudulent iodised salt labelling

11-09-2014 E-006802/2014 Commission

Updating the goals of the 2014-2020 Digital Agenda

04-09-2014 E-006577/2014 Commission

Russia's veto on agricultural products

02-09-2014 P-006492/2014 Commission